The year 2018 is off to a flying start for the agency Du Simple au Double. At least in Turkey Email List , we (again) enlarged the team, improved our processes and we were lucky to have been interviewed by a team from Antenne Réunion. We summarize all this in our fourth Vlog.

Fabrice Epelboin also has trouble understanding reputation in this context. It is trust, which, according to him, is fundamental to enable this transition. Nicolas Bermond highlights the potential of blockchain technology for the benefit of start-ups and SMEs, which can rely on a new system of project financing.

Even More Efficient Processes

In a world that is moving faster and faster, it is essential to know how to adapt . Within the agency, we do our best to stick to this precept. We therefore try to be always more efficient in our work and in our operations. Since the beginning of the year, we have therefore been inspired by agile methods such as the “Sprint” in order to be able to set ourselves regular objectives and give us specific tasks to do every week. The key is greater efficiency!

Turkey Email List

The chroniclers were able to converge during the second round. For Christophe Ducamp, it is a real issue of communication and education that must be implemented to get these new technologies adopted. Robert Vinet affirms that we will find ourselves, thanks to this new digital wave, at the foundations of what the internet was, that is to say a free and democratic place. Paul Richardet wonders if it would not be a “digital dressing of a world that remains the same”.

Johan, New Brand Content Manager

Some of you may have noticed the little wink hidden in our previous video …. Johan (yours truly) joined the agency at the beginning of January. Former journalist, community manager and consultant, he holds the position of Brand Content Manager. Its role is therefore to manage the entire strategic aspect of the brands we support. He defines the messages and supervises the deployment of this digital strategy.

The agency Du Simple au Double is in the spotlight! Alicia Tandrya and her team at Antenne Réunion came to our premises on January 25 to shoot a program called Regard’Ensemble . The broadcast is scheduled for Friday February 2 at 6.30 p.m. Note in your diaries if you want a little immersion within the agency. We will also relay the video on our social networks , so log on!

We therefore give you an appointment next month for the new features of the second Vlog of 2018 (the 5th) with even more new features! For those who missed the previous episodes (they are starting to be numerous), you can find the October one on this link , the November one here and the December one by clicking there . And don’t hesitate to stop by the agency for a coffee;)

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