You were looking forward to it, here is our new Vlog. The principle does not change since it is always a question of presenting you the developments of the Turkmenistan Email List in a short video. So ? What happened at Du Simple au Double in December? In bulk: new talents, a satisfactory balance sheet, a pleasant meal and stories to share the most beautiful moments.

He is waiting for the technical aspect to be made accessible in order to prove to consumers how this technology can provide solutions. Pierre Noro agrees on this point, he finds it important to popularize and democratize access to blockchain technology. Fabrice Epelboin is very optimistic about this return to peer to peer and free software.

The Year 2017 Ends With A Good Result …

The month of December was also an opportunity to take stock of the past year. And we do not hide from you that we are very happy that it is so positive! New customers trusted us in 2017 and we thank them. In addition, more and more of you are following us on our networks and on our website. Two good reasons to be happy. A big thank you to all !

Turkmenistan Email List

To properly celebrate this good record and the end of 2017, the team gathered around a convivial meal! This moment of exchange was an opportunity to relax but also to discuss upcoming projects for 2018. We will tell you more very soon. #TeamBuilding! Milena joined the team as Community Manager
Mid-December Milena left her native Belgium to join the team. Originally from Brussels where she has acquired a solid experience in branding, social media and Inbound Marketing, our new Community Manager is of the opinion of all “at the top”!

Stories At The Party

Whether on Facebook or Instagram, 2018 will be the year of “dynamic” content. In addition to videos , which are already hugely successful, we should also see the rise of “stories” on the various networks. A format that we have already adopted at Du Simple au Double and which works well. So you can count on us to publish even more stories, whether for our clients, for our agency or for team members. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our various networks (if you haven’t already done so) to discover them!

We therefore give you an appointment next month for the novelties of this early 2018. And there are many!
For those who missed the previous episodes it’s here for the October one and there for the November recap. Christophe Ducamp is a “pro” startup, for a collection of data by the user. Glenn Rolland also reflects on the practical means to provide freedom from the judgment of insurance companies and brands, which hinder our freedom by sanctioning us.


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