Amandine joined the agency as Community Manager . She was a graphic designer for 3 years for agencies in metropolitan France and benefits Ukraine Email List a real web culture. She takes care of the distribution of publications on social networks, moderation and monitoring. She is also in charge of the graphics part for social networks (photo montages, gifs, etc.). Amandine is creative, dynamic and sociable. We are delighted to welcome him among us!

Probably the most neglected part: mastering its accessible content. At a time when sites are managed via online content management systems (CMS), you quickly have demo pages, models, or generated by plugins installed but not used. These empty pages or articles (or with fake text) are not in your navigation, but stay online!

Surprises For The Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching and on this occasion, we racked our brains to offer beautiful publications to our customers for their social networks . After brainstorming, a few wacky proposals and a lot of laughter, we managed to come up with some nice ideas. For more information: stay tuned! In order to provide us with support on various tasks and because we are committed to passing on knowledge, this month we welcomed two new interns:

Ukraine Email List

Myriam is joining us for 6 weeks, she is in BTS assistant manager at Antoine Roussin high school. She provides us with support on the administrative and accounting part. Jérémy is joining us for 4 weeks, he is in Pro Visual Communication Bac at François de Mahy high school. He helps us on the graphics part. In short, we will also note that Thomas became a dad, that we were entrusted with new projects and that we had the right to a nice article in the Memento .

“Adoption Passes Above All By Understanding The Technique”

Nicolas Bermond concludes that blockchain technology is the technique of the future decentralized web. Since this technology is based on cryptography, this will advance our rights and above all allow start-ups and SMEs to have simpler and more global financing to manage businesses in a more modern way.

We will meet you at the end of December for the best wishes from the agency! And for those who missed the previous episode, you’ll find the October recap here . Suddenly you end up with a lot of visible content for the engines which find it, index it (browse and rate it) and find it rather poor, obviously. This drastically lowers your “quality” index with search engines. And yet you thought you had everything optimized …

To conclude, before embarking on experiments to improve your natural referencing, remember to verify that you apply the fundamentals. This is when your ranking will match your content and you can finally put in place innovative strategies to go even further.


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