Naïda has indeed joined the team for a 2-month internship to help us on the Russian Federation Email List part. Enrolled in a BTS communication at CNED Lyon, she will support us in multiple tasks related to these two activities. We are counting on her basketball energy to score points in our prospecting!

Otherwise, the Les Talents du Numérique website, which helps guide students in digital technology, lists more than 70 training establishments and institutes (accredited by the CTI: Commission des titres d’Ingénieur) where they can train and specialize in digital thanks to a powerful cartographic tool.

Customers: Level UP

The year 2018 was rich in collaborations. And 2019 promises to be just as dynamic. The month of January was notably an opportunity to work on the renewal of contracts with a certain number of our clients. We thank them for the trust they continue to place in us.

Russian Federation Email List

Other clients have carried out “upgrades” by entrusting us with new missions or by broadening the scope of our actions. It creates new challenges and it motivates us! And there are still a lot of innovative projects to set up with other clients. Lots of moving things, we love it!

We End With The “Mini Vlog”

You may have seen the ads. We are looking for 3 small seeds of talent to complete our team. We are therefore looking for one or a Business Dev for March, one or a Digital Marketing Consultant for May and finally one or an Assistant in Digital Marketing / CM for March. If you follow our page, you already know what the agency’s values ​​are and you have an idea of ​​our working environment (we have unlimited chocolate and coffee!).

Any type of online training, MOOCS, or certain online courses (tutorial, sites) that allow you to acquire a good basics with programming, or Data, for example, are a good way to test yourself or to specify a area of expertise.

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