Our second Vlog for Season 2 has been released. It is also the last of the year 2018. And it is incidentally our 13th episode. Hope this brings us luck. Like San Marino Email List month, we have compiled the agency’s highlights in this video presented by Clément. We talk about our experience of teleworking, our projects and the inauguration of our Villa.

To take a concrete case, you can for example position a button on the home page of your website on which is written “Click to download our free guide”. If the user clicks the button, your CTA has done its job. The conversion process is underway: your Internet user is sent to a page dedicated to this office.

We Tested: 10 Days Of Teleworking

The end of November was somewhat “disrupted” in terms of traffic on the island. It was therefore necessary to adapt. On the agency side, we hesitated between cycling and teleworking. But Yannis was not motivated to pedal to Jean Petit every evening. Suddenly, we opted for teleworking. Basically, this did not cause immense upheaval for the team, which already uses Slack for internal exchanges as well as for exchanges with most of our customers.

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For more “practical” subjects, we used Whatsapp. The main change therefore concerned the meetings that were organized via Skype. The results of these 10 days of teleworking are therefore positive and confirms that a digital / digital agency is ideal when you can no longer take your car.

How About We Inaugurate The Villa?

It’s been a while since we put our suitcases and our computers in our Villa at Bassin Plat. We are also quite proud to have been able to invite our customers to come and visit our new home. And we still have a lot of work to arrange everything. But we say to ourselves that it would be nice to invite our customers, friends and partners for a little housewarming. And why not some people who follow us on our page.

So if you want to win an invite for this event, leave a little comment on our Facebook. We will select a few people at random to come and celebrate the inauguration of the villa with us. It is THE social network to include in your communication strategy. With a large and very engaged community, it therefore has serious assets to allow you to reach your customers.

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