New customers As usual, “this month… (drum roll)… 2 new clients have trusted us”: an expert and ambitious finance company as well as an excellent salad bar. We are delighted to be working with these new partners. Alwin Slovakia Email List joins the agency We had presented it to you in Vlog 7 in June, Alwin, a young and dynamic student from Entre-Deux has officially joined our ranks as the agency’s first work-study student. He integrates the creation studio headed by Amandine and he will help us to produce beautiful content. At the same time, he continues to follow training for one day per week. We are all super happy with his presence!

And their skills are often very useful for managing a Facebook page or an Instagram account. They are in fact used to thinking, designing and translating the key messages of the company on different media. Whether in substance or in form, communicators know how to speak to targets. Needless to say, they also know how to manage exchanges with subscribers and therefore moderate the pages brilliantly.

The Shootings Are Linked

Moreover, since it comes from the studio of content creation graphic and audiovisual , we redesigned its operation to make it even more efficient. Now that our processes are well established, the studio is running at a good pace. As proof, we did a series of shootings last month. Whether for the Isautier brand , for EGC Réunion or for the Leclerc Portail brand in Saint-Leu, we have multiplied our projects. We have also relayed some of the content produced for our customers on our Facebook page . Do not hesitate to go and consult them.

Slovakia Email List

They appeal to entrepreneurs looking for digital development and professional development. They lead to a GEN certification recognized by the profession and by the State (for Grande École du Numérique). A free program is also deployed locally online by Diversidays, in partnership with Google and Pôle Emploi: DéClics Numériques. The objective is to support 10,000 job seekers until 2022 to guarantee them professional integration into the digital world.

Podcast: First Interview In The Box

Our agency PodCast project is moving forward. We have done the first interviews and the first episode should be released in the coming weeks. The principle is simple: we exchange with guests on very broad themes related to the digital transformation of companies. All while trying to popularize the concepts and concepts discussed as much as possible.

Too often still, business leaders (VSEs / SMEs) do not integrate digital into their strategy or postpone this objective, due to a lack of budget, internal skills or time to devote to it … Fortunately, certain specific accelerated training courses and most offered free online, promise learners to integrate digital skills and put them into practice immediately.

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