What is happening at Du Simple au Double? Because in our agency things change very quickly and a lot of things are always happening, we thought it would be USA Email List to share them regularly with you through a vlog. We will therefore regularly offer videos about our news or specific events. Welcome to the life of our agency!

The agency welcomed a new employee (myself). After 10 years in metropolitan France, I have been back for a few months in Reunion. I graduated from the University of Montpellier and I worked for 3 years as a marketing officer. Passionate about digital marketing, I joined the Du Simple au Double team as Brand Content Manager. I take care of imagining strategies for companies, deploying them digitally and I make sure that the story that is told corresponds to the one that was imagined. “Under the pretext of preventing oneself from dying, I would not like that one prevents oneself from living”

Three New Customers

Three new companies have chosen to trust us. Three very different and interesting missions, integrating social media , inbound marketing and strategy. We can’t tell you much more at the moment, but we are all very proud and excited to be working with them. The department of Reunion has entrusted us with the animation of 2 workshops during the 20th Challenge of Business Creators. Consultants from the company Run Concept also participated and coordinated the morning. Together we offered workshops around social networks and speaking out. It was a very good experience, very enriching.

USA Email List

That’s it for this month. We hope you enjoy this new type of content. Please feel free to leave us comments to let us know what you think. We look forward to seeing you next month, for even more news, new faces and madness! Nicolas Bermond proposes to share social security data. He also believes in alternative, care-based, personalized medicine in a world where medicine is becoming standardized.

The Decryption Of Our Columnists

Let’s face the opinion of our expert! It’s time to diverge with Paul Richardet, Pierre Noro, Robert Vinet, Hayat Outahar, Fabrice Epelboin and Isabelle Fayolle. Paul Richardet, community agitator and founder of Neww Life, believes that the financial tourism market “is entering strong profitability” and the link between consumer and market needs merits reflection.

Pierre Noro, blockchain innovation manager, and Isabelle Fayol do not have the same vision of vacations as R. Berrehili: the important thing for them is to live experiences, discover people, go to their homes, connect with the world , while disconnecting from everyday life and technology. Isabelle Fayolle talks to us about the circular economy, which is part of the vision of a sustainable world. According to this journalist and consultant, digital can bring much more than a home but lifestyles, going out, etc.

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