After having passed the huge Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List at the entrance, we are already facing the promise of the show: exhibitors as far as the eye can see. The richness of the event lies for me in the incredible diversity of projects and visions. As I walked through the aisles, I saw visitors putting on a virtual reality headset. Then I see that Citroën presents its latest concept car, the 19_19 alongside its AMI ONE (low cost car, no license required). A little further, Klaxoon wants to present its dematerialized meeting app to me . and drones that behave like bees intrigue me. AMI ONE at Vivatech Citroën Mobility AMI ONE at Vivatechnology –

Citroën If I have to sum up my first impression: there is something for everyone , and it is impossible to tour all the interesting stands. However, I came up with a list of presentations and pitches that I want to attend, so I can’t necessarily dwell on every booth that arouses my curiosity. The bad I had come with a bias. Earlier this year, I attended the Learning Technologies France fair . The feedback was numerous, rich and extensive for the most part. This is where the shoe pinches at Vivatechnology – most of the presentations are too thin, not all of the presenters prepared well. You barely scratch the surface most of the time.

For Those Lacking Inspiration

Verbatim: You have to keep your ecosystem of startups alive. We map our process using the software, we put a little AI and the result is there. It was enough to say it, I will be able to go home early tonight! However, the first two days of the show are reserved for professionals, isn’t this an opportunity to dig deep into your subject and show your expertise? In any case, the questions from the public only showed one thing: we were often unsatisfied. You’ve been talking to us about process mining for 20 minutes… but exactly what are the input data? For those lacking inspiration, Volterres on the Inspire Armenia stand was able to deliver a


satisfying speech to the general public and to energy and blockchain specialists: we start with the point of view of the end user before to expose the underside of the cards for specialists. And for the more curious, stations are available to get your hands dirty. Upstream, I always ask myself the same question at all trade shows and forums: which stands should I go to see? Concretely, I either have a list of names of exhibitors, or I have a complete description of each one. In any case, it is impossible for me to identify within a reasonable time the stands that I would like to visit . On the one hand, it’s an opportunity to get lost and

Upstream, I Always Ask Myself

meet people that you would only meet by accident. On the other hand, it’s a lot of missed opportunities to bring exhibitors face to face with their target market. I think not many of us click on Google’s “I’m lucky” button. You chose ? You chose ? The ugly Finally, I note that many large companies have paid dearly to have very large stands and to give themselves maximum visibility. They also took the opportunity to sponsor partner startups. Whether BNP, IBM, La Poste, LVMH, RATP Google and many others, Vivatech was a marketing operation, less often to present internal innovations than to highlight their ecosystem of startups.

Once again the presentations are more or less worked (thanks in particular to IBM and Amazon Web Service). But the advantage for companies looking to grow is to have a big reference to their name, and therefore to encourage even more confidence in prospects. Conclusion Vivatechnology is a trade fair with two main phases: two days reserved for professionals and one day for the general public. It would be good to adapt his speech to each other. We are in any case pleasantly surprised by the wealth and creativity of the brains that contribute to making this event an event not to be missed. And a message to the organizers: help us identify our future suppliers or partners more easily : even a simple indexing by sector, target, etc.

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