Get visibility on the leading platform Although you already know that the main activity of iVoox is to offer a platform to publish, share and listen to podcasts, for another year we wanted to allow iVoox listeners to reward their favorite podcasts and thus give visibility and recognition to the podcasts of our community. On this occasion we maintain the awards of the second edition, therefore there will be 8 and there will be a single winner for each of the iVoox categories. The format and delivery date of the prize are pending confirmation due to the situation with Covid-19.

The trophy will be awarded to the first classified in each category and a mention will also be made to the finalists of the same. This is a recognition trophy Lithuania Phone Number by the iVoox audience and from the platform, we will give the winners visibility on iVoox for one year. If you want to register your podcast you must have published at least 5 episodes in 2020 and one in the 3 months prior to the publication of the Bases .till don’t know that in iVoox you can find thematic lists that are updated daily? Pay attention, because we tell you what they are and how to find them in just 1 minute! Until a year ago it was very easy to create a list and add audios as new ones related to the theme of the list appeared.

We Have Totally Renewed

But we thought that for you, the listeners, it would be easier if you found the list of your favorite category made and nurtured with the most popular episodes. And even, it would be ideal if the audios were updated daily so that you would not have to renew it to have the newest ones and delete the oldest ones. Haven’t you updated to the new version yet? Don’t wait any longer and try it! New Home with the best lists and the most outstanding content Our main objective is that you have a good experience as a user, and for this, we think it is essential that you find renewed content according to your interests and hobbies.

We are working on this line and we have recently launched the daily update lists. Which are automatically generate playlists, and in which you can find the most relevant. iVoox content. You will find them in the “Popular Playlists” section of the Home page. Where you can also enjoy other playlists curated by our editorial team, as well as other audio selections. We think are worth reviewing and that you have created yourselves. We want you to be able to enjoy your favorite podcasters in a simpler way. And that is why you will now find them organized in a much more visual and accessible way.

It Has the Basic Playback Elements

In addition, we have taken note of your suggestions and have implemented. A change that many of you had asked us for: From the top menu of “Subscriptions. You can filter between ProgramsThe podcasts to which you are subscribe are displaye. You can set their order: based on the date of publication or alphabetically. Episodes You will be able to see the audios that you have pending to listen to from all your subscriptions. And you will be able to sort them by date of publication or by duration. Access your subscriptions more comfortably. Player Improvements The new player has a simpler aesthetic, where the audio image gains prominence.

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