Want to market your products and services but don’t know what kind of content to use? Why not go for videos? With practically zero distribution costs , the Sweden Email List presents enormous opportunities for companies and in particular for small and medium-sized structures. And if you’re still in doubt, here are some more good reasons to incorporate videos into your content strategy!

I’m not telling you anything: the consumption of videos on the internet is exploding! Between the 10 billion sequences that are viewed every day on Snapchat, the 8 billion on Facebook and the 4 billion on Youtube, more than 22 billion videos are watched daily by Internet users around the world. Video alone represents 70% of internet traffic.

And that’s just the beginning. If we are only interested in Youtube, the number of monthly viewing hours increases by 50% each year on the platform (+ 100% if we only look at the numbers on mobile!). Result: according to a Cisco study, video should represent 85% of global net traffic within 2 years. In short, Internet users love videos. And these Internet users are your customers since, as a reminder, there are more than 593,000 Reunionese on the network . Do you want to interest them? Give them the content they love!

Because They Use It In Their Purchasing Process

And then I hear you say: “ Okay, Internet users watch videos. But what I want is to sell products ! ” Well that’s good, 25-49 year olds spend 80% of their time viewing content related to products and / or services. Better: according to a study, 64% of Internet users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video and 90% of buyers believe that it can even completely change their purchasing decision!

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Still not convinced? What if I told you that after watching a video about a brand, 65% of prospects will visit their website and 39% will call on a salesperson? What if I told you again that 50% of executives look for additional information about a product or service after watching a video that talks about it? What if I told you finally, that in the real estate industry, ads that feature a video receive over 400% more inquiries than those that do not?

Because The Return On Investment Is Interesting …

A new question torments you, namely “How much will it cost me?” If this question is legitimate, I nevertheless suggest that you approach it from a different angle and instead ask “What will it bring me? ” If we are only interested in the cost of production, it is difficult to give a figure. There are indeed many ways to make videos. For example, we can film with a simple phone, make plans with drones, do “motion design”, add post-production, hire actors or not… In short, we can consider everything and depending on the options, the prices can vary widely. It should be remembered that thanks to technical progress, the prices of making a video have fallen in recent years.

But what makes the great strength of the Internet is that the cost of broadcasting a video on the network is practically zero. A reduced production cost and a low distribution cost, or even zero? You understand why the video format is one of those that offers aMost interesting Return on Investment (ROI) . Indeed, if a customer buys your services and he realizes that it meets his needs perfectly and that the price is reasonable (see our article on the marketing budget ), then he will continue to call on you.

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