Transaction of fixtures, inventory, and cash flow, but one of livelihood and personal identity. A business is, for Singapore Phone Number many, the meat of one’s life- and it is now about to be bartered. The process can be emotional as well. With that said, you should also.

know that virtually every

The seller will try to cover up his feelings to gain the upper hand in the bargaining process. This is an instinctual tendency used to protect personal territory. The first seller personality you might run into is “The Trekker”. The main character trait of “the Trekker” is an air of indifference.

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Towards you the buyer

When you propose a deal, you will most likely hear this: “I’m more or less just exploring the possibility. A lot depends on the offer.” This posture is designed to make the seller look as if he or she could take it or leave it. In this case, he wants you to dismiss any notion.

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