A couple of years ago we first published our marketing calendar . Now we have renewed it adding new dates and events. Okay, it’s not a cool infographic to post on our social networks, but that has its reason for being. And it is that this marketing calendar aims to be a tool that is useful to you year after year, a tool that you can consult whenever you want from any device. Moreover, if you push me, it is a tool to which you can add your grain of sand. How? Leaving in the comments that date that you see we have not included in our “evergreen” marketing calendar.

What do you need a marketing calendar for? table of contents [ hide ] 1 Why do you need a marketing calendar? 2 What are International Days for? 3 Marketing Calendar 4 Sources of our marketing calendar Having a marketing calendar will Nepal Phone Number help you plan and design marketing actions related to your sector of activity. And if you dedicate yourself to online marketing , like us, it will allow you to have the outstanding dates for various sectors of activity. Our clients, those for whom we manage their social networks and those for whom we train and advise them to do it themselves, belong to very diverse sectors.

It Is Marketing with Double Meanings

Our marketing calendar collects the dates of interest for all of them in one place. Practical and comfortable. If your business is a pharmacy, you may want to plan some specific action for. Health Day that is celebrated on April 7: a giveaway on your social networks. A discount promotion for your list of subscribers… If you are an industry of any kind. Surely you are interested in the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which is celebrated on April 28. And what am I going to tell you if you manage an Italian restaurant, I know that Spaghetti Day (January 4) gives you a lot of play.

Not all the dates included in our marketing calendar are “serious”, some are quite unique, to use another term And if the calendar that we propose is not enough for you, try searching for these hashtags on Twitter. Surely you will find information and curious facts. But be careful, you canto losespend a lot of time unnecessarily. #SuchDayAsToday #TodaySeCelebrate #International Day #International Day #Today we celebrate What are International Days for?

Related to the Business and the Sector,

Sensitize governments and states so that they adopt the necessary measures to resolve. An important and pending problem or issue for society. Content marketing with humor for April Fools’ Day If you have a corporate blog on your website. You use to generate valuable content for your users and improve the organic positioning of your page. Take advantage of that day to create some humorous content. Prank your readers and followers on social networks! One of our clients, an insurance broker from Gijón , has been publishing on December 28th a story worthy of El Mundo Today.

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