If you are looking for solutions to find customers through the Internet , you have probably heard of Inbound Marketing . (Otherwise, it is Saudi Arabia Email Database you simply searched badly …) If you are considering trusting a certified Inbound agency, do not hesitate to download our guide ‘“Choosing the right digital marketing agency”

In the same vein as Rural Digital, in partnership with the Ateliers Numériques Occitanie branch and the CCI, Google has created its own syste of mini-vans to deploy training throughout the territory and get closer to learners and partners. Orange (private telephone operator) has been committed to social and digital inclusion for more than 10 years, the brand has launched its own Digital Workshops: free digital introductory courses, to support all profiles, everywhere in France and in line.

Inbound Marketing? What’s This ?

Let’s start with a little historical reminder, so that you can wow your colleagues during the next coffee break.
Inbound Marketing is a methodology popularized by the software publisher Hubspot . It is based on the work of the American entrepreneur Seth Godin, who laid the foundations for “ permission marketing ”.

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The starting premise is simple: it starts from the observation that with the arrival of the internet, the purchasing process has evolved. Overexposed to advertising messages , consumers are less and less sensitive to them. Some even find them intrusive to the point that they do not hesitate to use software to block the display of ads. According to an opinion poll carried out by Opinion Way, 8 out of 10 French people rail against advertisements on the internet.

I Convert Them Into Prospects …

Now that you have attracted visitors to your site, the second step will be to turn them into “leads” . A prospect is a future customer that you can canvass commercially. For the moment, you still have no information on visitors to your site: their name, first name, age, profession, email address, phone number, etc. But they can provide them to you. As long as you give them something in return. So it’s up to you to satisfy them. Offer them qualitative resources: white papers on the subject, audits, diagnostics, advice sessions… Offer them all this for free and just ask them (kindly) that they provide you with information in return.

For example, you can ask them to fill out a form with their contact details in exchange for downloading a free book. In this case, we say that we push the prospect to take action (the action of filling out a form). At the same time, buyers have become “consumer-actors”. Understand by this that they have become “active”. They seek information on products, learn about the sector, compare, analyze … And it is only once informed and convinced, that they will make a purchase.

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