Since advertisements are possible on Facebook, the social network offers more and more possibilities to target its audiences. In addition to the simple initial criteria (targeting singles, adults, etc.), criteria Cocos Islands Keelings Email List to our behavior on Facebook (the subjects that interest us, the photos we publish, etc.) and beyond ( advertising retargeting). In this article, we are going to take a broad outline of the different types of targeting possible on Facebook, in order to realize the extent of the possibilities, and thus to fully understand the value of studying your potential customers upstream.

It is important for a company to measure the extent of the marketing actions to be carried out so as not to be caught off guard and thus plan a dedicated budget. Depending on this budget, some actions will be possible and others not. If certain levers are too costly for your business to reach your primary, secondary or tertiary buyer persona, the game is not always worth the candle and it will not be very profitable.


The first historical criteria (and also in the order of choice) are related to the positioning of users and their demographic information . You can choose one or more geographic areas: a country, a department, a city. But by placing a cursor, it is also possible to select only a circular zone (precise point and radius, the length of which is chosen in kilometers).

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Note that some professional criteria (company, level of study, etc.) are rarely provided by users, so the risk is not to reach all those who are really concerned. What is important to understand here, overall, is that depending on the persona, the platforms to invest and the tone to use will differ. Awareness : Improve the image of the brand, adjust positioning. Visibility : Make a brand, a product known to as many people as possible (but always in a targeted manner!)

Interests And Behaviors

What really makes the difference is the impressive choice of “ centers of interest ” offered by Facebook! This takes into account, for example, the pages liked, the subjects appreciated or the themes approached by the users. The (very exhaustive) list can either be browsed by categories (gastronomy, fitness, business, etc.), or directly by typing in the search field.

In “Behaviors”, we find a set of criteria related to the interpretation of the use of Facebook . Indeed, depending on the applications used (photos, travel, etc.) or the device used to connect (mobile, tablet, etc.), Facebook analyzes this data and associates it with profiles. Loyalty , after-sales service: Ensure a link with its customers / prospects, listen, be responsive and professional in the process. Recruitment : Find the best candidates for the job, attract talent, work on your “employer brand”.


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