According to a Scientific American study , 65% of our daily conversations are based on stories. Storytelling has been around for a long time in the Senegal Email List world: digital has made it possible to offer new opportunities to brands. More than a beautiful story in a video, storytelling is distilled over the publications and content by telling a single story, that of the brand.

If you are thinking of trusting an agency to tell your story, do not hesitate to download our guide “choosing the right digital marketing agency” Since 2014, 175,000 people in integration have been trained in digital technology in one of these workshops. Orange’s ambition is to train 36,000 more this year! High potential training programs Some major technology players have also developed their own online training programs and associated certifications,

What Is Storytelling?

Storytelling could be defined as the art of telling a good story . However, its operation is far from the usual language of marketing. Many companies adopt this technique because it allows them to highlight a new facet of their brand image and more easily convey their values .

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Consumption habits have changed and users are no longer as sensitive to advertising messages as they used to be. The main goal of storytelling is to connect with customers . It seeks to generate proximity, empathy and to develop strong links with users. Facebook BLUEPRINT offers, for example, an online training program and “Facebook certifications” addressed to all types of profiles: entrepreneurs of VSEs / SMEs, brands and agencies, job seekers, students, etc.

Why Use Storytelling?

Social networks have favored a mode of communication based on the principle ” I have something to tell you “. This way of communicating through influencers, bloggers, Instagramers and YouTubers has made it easier to integrate storytelling into everyday life. As a result, it has become easier to connect with people this way rather than with the traditional “ buy my product ” message .

According to a Kantar-TNS study , in France, the rate of use of ad blockers is twice the world average (34% against 18%). In a scenario where users feel saturated with marketing , the ideal solution is to find new means of communication that break the usual market trend . But if social networks are great places to tell stories, a good storytelling is a story that is told over the days and across all channels , like a breadcrumb trail.

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