Only 18% of buyers trust salespeople before purchasing a product. Reputation, opinions on social networks, customer references: so many other Faroe Islands Email List of information on which we rely. The multiplicity of platforms and online content is a game-changer: before making a purchase, a customer goes through several phases to make up his mind , what is called the buyer’s journey . The goal for business leaders in Reunion Island and elsewhere is both to: understand these famous stages and offer interesting content to each of them.

We will focus here on understanding the route, which is usually broken down into 3 phases: buyers persona from single to double.jpg Understanding the steps will be the basis in an Inbound Marketing strategy . 1 / Awareness This stage, called “ Awareness stage ” in English, is the first in the cycle. It is during this phase that the visitor identifies his problem, or his goal . At this level, the buyer knows he has a problem, but does not know the solution (s).

Consideration Phase

Now the buyer has understood their real problem or identified their goal. If we go back to the previous examples, the questions he now asks are: What are the online tools to monitor the competition?
My clients obviously no longer have any contact from me after the service. How to maintain the link?
In this phase, the potential buyer wishes to receive information on the various possibilities available to him. It is up to you to provide him with this kind of information so that he can have a choice, in full awareness.

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Third and final phase, during which the buyer has determined their problem and the best solution. But before putting it in place, it needs reassurance on the implementation and the specialist (s) who will support it. The questions he is asking himself now are: This online e-reputation tool looks great. How to set it up?
Marketing automation seems to be a suitable solution. Which agency could support me? At the end of this phase, the buyer has clearly identified his objective, the method to achieve it and above all is aware that you are naturally the best to help him.

What Are These Phases For?

In the examples, you will have noticed that each time the issues are asked in the form of questions. Potential buyers are looking for solutions to their problems, and want to be the best informed to make the right decision. Your role is therefore to create interesting content, which provides answers to their problems. This can be blog posts, ebooks, webinars, white papers, etc.

This breakdown of the purchasing journey is simple and effective, but is obviously not always accurate. Sometimes, a potential buyer can “skip” the consideration phase, or return to the first (“awareness”) after having studied the solutions for a long time (“consideration”).

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