witter formalizes a new advertising format in France
Tested since 2018 in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan, Twitter’s Haiti Email List format called Promoted Trend Spotlight is now available in France. Visible in the “Explore” tab, these sponsored trends are a boon for brands wishing to reach a young target. Find out how this new service works.

If virtual reality has long dragged an image of playful technology and without real interest, 2020 should allow it to restore its image. Although it is true that VR has so far been used more in gaming, it should go beyond simple entertainment very quickly.

Promoted Trend Spotlight Formalized In France

With nearly 330 million monthly active users worldwide, including 17 million in France, Twitter has become an essential social network for advertisers. It is indeed an extremely popular medium with Internet users between the ages of 16 and 34 in particular. The vast majority of its traffic is done on mobile.

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Based on this observation, the blue bird social platform is a lever of choice for brands wishing to reach young consumers. Twitter has understood this and now offers professionals several advertising solutions to maximize profitability.

How Do Sponsored Trends Work?

Thanks to this new functionality, companies will therefore be able to buy advertisements displayed in the first position of the “Explore” tab , both on mobile devices and on computers. This tab, which has come to replace the old “Twitter Moments”, is truly strategic insofar as it highlights trending topics on the platform. Many Twitter users therefore consult it daily, on the lookout for the latest essential news on the network.

Brands have the possibility of placing a hashtag at the top of the page, supplemented by the words “Sponsored ”. For better visibility, it will also be possible to add an image, video or GIF of 6 seconds.

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