Brand ambassadors are the key to the sustainability of a business . They are the authentic , credible and necessary spokespersons for your business. From loyal and active customers, they turn into real representatives thanks to an effective policy of specific customer relations . How to identify them? What to communicate to them? How to promote them? So many questions to which we will provide some answers.

Example: Aurélie, 30, Marketing Manager, who must justify her position to her management and calculate the return on investment of her communication actions. Buyer’s journey : A buyer ‘s journey from the discovery of his problem to the purchase of the product (or service), including the consideration of resolutions. What will be one of the strengths of a Malawi Email List strategy will be the ability to produce qualitative content regularly thanks to the skills mentioned above. Be careful of the two extremes: too little and you will give an image of inactivity and on the contrary too frequent, the content will be less qualitative. We must therefore find the right balance, publishing 2 to 3 content per week remains a very good ratio.
3 / Good content is content that diversifies

Identify The Most Loyal Customers

There are several ways to identify the most loyal customers and those who would be most likely to talk about your brand. Qualitative methods You can spot among your current customers those who have a large following community. For example, if you have bloggers, you can select them, register them in an internal database (Excel table, CRM tool) and classify them by community size (number of fans on their Facebook page, number of followers on Twitter, number of subscribers to their newsletter…).

Malawi Email List

Another way to spot your natural brand ambassadors is to analyze the interactions on your social networks. By spotting glowing members, those who post spontaneously and honestly praising the merits of the brand. In order to best optimize a content strategy, it is essential to vary the types of content so as not to tire users. Content can take as many forms as there are ideas!

Content Distributors

On the other hand, the “runners” are those whose size of the community serves as a very effective sounding board for brands to speak up. By a retweet, a share on their Facebook page or a mention on their blog, they can reach (tens) of thousands of Internet users. These ambassadors should therefore be called upon (without abuse of course) when you want to drastically increase the visibility of an important message (new product, strong brand news, etc.).

Hyperactive members
Finally, highly active Facebook fans, compulsive retweeters, and regular blog commenters may not have a strong community behind them or a particular influence on the web, but are customers who firmly believe in the value of your mark.

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