Today, I decided to talk to you about a fundamental of the marketing strategy, I named the so-called SMART objectives.I’ll stop you right away, nothing to do with the so girly little vehicle that parks no Great Britain Email List what where, nor with the French adjective meaning “elegant, refined, intelligent ”, though. As a self-respecting training organization, you must think intelligently about your strategy and set yourself achievable and measurable goals .

Setting goals goes without saying, it’s even something that we do every day, and that seems quite simple. For example, that of spending more time with his little boy and getting closer to him, finding a real place as a father or mother. This will be done by dropping it off every morning at school, during the next term. More generally, defining SMART objectives is inseparable from an inbound marketing strategy . Like the first foundations of a house.

Do We Try Together?

Still wondering what a SMART goal is? So here is a practical case that we are going to achieve together: let’s set a goal and make it very smart . What do you think ? Take for example the (vague) objective: “To be more commercially efficient ”

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1 / “Specific”: haute couture!
If we speak of specific, that means precise , particular : no need to look at the neighbor’s copy. Your goal is for your own training organization. Think understandable , by all, simple and positive ! The concepts of “notoriety”, of “image” are therefore to be avoided here. We will rather speak of “website traffic”, or “interaction on social networks”.

“Measurable”: How Much?

The objective is defined, we will be able to hit the road. To know if our efforts have been rewarded and that (above all) we are not on the wrong track, we will have to refer to metrics. Of measurement indicators will allow us to validate or not the steps, like a road map.

In our example, we want to measure the transformation of visitors into leads. This will be calculated by the number of contact forms completed by visitors to our site. Here we are at the heart of the famous conversion tunnel (see the article for definitions as a reminder). The measurement tools will allow us to know if we are approaching our objective, or even perhaps, that we are close to accomplishment .

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