Digital marketing or webmarketing is an area to which companies are turning more and more. This offers more possibilities than “offline” Vietnam Email List (especially in terms of targeting and metrics). But digital marketing above all requires a lot of skills. It is therefore highly useful to train, for example to be able to precisely target the right audiences, create and promote personalized content or understand the different data.

But how to train in web marketing in Reunion? In this post, we are going to present you some avenues so that you can become aware of the full extent of the skills that it is essential to master ! The sixty-eight wanted unlimited freedom, to fight against authority, and above all more places at the University for the common people. But isn’t this what has led today to return to the selective system in an overcrowded labor market?

Train Yourself

Beginning with research on search engines (for example), remains a very good way to discover the whole universe that surrounds a specific area. By typing in keywords relating to digital marketing, you will be able to familiarize yourself with this principle before going any further and for free!

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For example, you can type those keywords: principle of web marketing , technical digital marketing , digital marketing fundamentals or even the basic principles of web marketing . If a term seems abstract to you, always think about looking at its definition , it is important to know what it is about and what it corresponds to from the start. You can very quickly get tangled up between the brushes …

In your research, you will most likely come across websites / blogs dealing with marketing. There are many such sites, to make things easier for you, here is a selection made by Rudy Viard from WebMarketing-Conseil.

Online Training At. Certifications

Several sites offer online training for a fee or free. Moreover, you can train for free in digital marketing thanks to Google! Indeed, Google offers to pass various certifications related to Internet professions thanks to Google for Pros . A version for students is also available.

There are different sites well known for training such as Open Classroom which remains one of the best! The site offers courses in different areas of web professions, ranging from simple digital initiation to advanced digital marketing techniques. However, access to courses remains very limited in the free version, so you will have to switch to a premium model if you really want to deepen your knowledge.

The Lynda platform belonging to LinkedIn also offers digital training, but it is mainly in English. To access online training, there are also MOOCs, which are online courses, very often in the form of videoconferencing. But MOOCs are not accessible at all times, they are one-off, so you will have to register first (and quickly). You have sites like My MOOC or MOOC Francophone which are very good references.

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