Topo chico hard seltzer, owned by molson coors, is celebrating. Cinco de mayo with a new national ad campaign. Therefore, To Italy Phone Number promote its margarita hard seltzer line, according to a press release. Therefore, The first ad in the series positions the canned, margarita-flavored. Hard seltzer as superior to frilly, over-the-top margarita options. The fresh creative builds on a new pop-up shop in new york and online. Where people can exchange cinco de mayo tchotchkes — like shot glasses, shirts. Or fake mustaches — for a rebate on topo chico margarita hard seltzer. Similarly, Topo chico’s latest efforts around promoting. Its hard seltzer put simplicity and cool at the forefront. Likely in a bid to capture young audiences around cinco de mayo. The Italy Phone Number hard seltzer, which was released earlier. In april, plays to millennial sensibilities as.

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Searches for lower-calorie alternatives. After that, To Italy Phone Number traditional alcohol. Dive insight: beyond being a celebration of mexican-american culture. Cinco de mayo is a widely-celebrated drinking holiday. With americans of all stripes flocking to bars for tacos and tequila. Topo chico, the no. 4 bestselling hard seltzer in america, naturally. Wants to get in on the Italy Phone Number action as seltzer swells in popularity. During the 15-second advertisement. A couple enters a bar and is served frilly margaritas with tchotchkes. Stuck in the drink, making it nearly undrinkable. Then, a leather-jacket clad woman comes in and is. Served a notably plain, unfrilly topo chico margarita. Hard seltzer, much to the envy of the couple.“the margarita is a beloved drink. But it comes with some baggage, in the way of cheesy margarita culture.” matt escalante, vice president of hard seltzers at molson coors.

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Press release. For instance, “so our new spots show how topo chico margarita. Hard seltzer is making the margarita ‘nueva’ again. For instance, With a new take on the Italy Phone Number classic cocktail.”the brand’s latest ad campaign and pop-up shop play into. Millennial sensibilities, putting cool and independence. Above all, At the forefront of creativity surrounding a lower-calorie drink. Above all, The release of the advertisement helps to raise the Italy Phone Number national profile. Of the beverage a week before cinco de mayo, the first in two years not bogged. Down in pandemic restrictions. After that, The margarita is a beloved drink, but it comes with some baggage. In the way of cheesy margarita culture,” matt escalante, vice.

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