If you are a lover of stories that keep all five senses alert; of those that take you to dark worlds where terror, death and the most primal impulses of human beings reign; then this post is perfect for you: from iVoox, we bring you the best mystery podcasts that you cannot miss, with great communicators like Iker Jiménez or Santiago Camacho. Let’s start! The best mystery podcasts you can listen to Strange Days Strange Days is a podcast that deals with what the media does not want to talk about. Santiago Camacho sheds light on the most extreme and controversial issues that, if brought to light, could make us rethink many things that we now take for granted. Find out what they don’t want to tell you! Listen to DEX , only on iVoox! Fourth millenium Without a doubt one of the classics.

The great Iker Jiménez continues to raise conspiracies, unsolved mysteries and paranormal events that neither science nor common sense can prove. Enjoy the legendary television program in podcast format! Blank space To speak of mystery is El Salvador Phone Number speak of Blank Space . A radio program active since 1987 and directed by one of the greatest experts in mysteries in the country. Miguel Blanco has traveled to more than 150 countries following the trail of paranormal stories. Wandering souls, fallen angels, oracles… do you accompany him? The Sentinel of Mystery Discover from the hand of Carlos Bustos a dark, paranormal world where mystery, lies and the overwhelming rule.

Riddle Report Jorge Ríos Transports

Are you willing to be a sentinel of mystery? Elena in the Land of Horrors Elena Merino is a journalist specialized in crimes, and together with her team of collaborators, they portray the most sordid crimes in history, as well as the darkest side of the human being, through the black chronicle. Do not miss their curiosities and knowledge about mystery. Unusual World Radio Unusual World Radio explains reality as you have never perceived it. Thanks to experts in parapsychology, natural medicine and astrology you will be able to get closer to those places of everyday life that you did not know could exist. Get to know an unusual world! The Raven Inn In this original iVoox podcast you will find an old mansion in a remote place that every week opens its doors to the darkest and most mysterious stories.

Walk through its gates and enter an enchanted place! new dimension UFOs, inexplicable facts for science, history of humanity that escapes the logic of common sense and much more is what you will find in this podcast, which also has special guests such as the Fourth Millennium reporter Javier Pérez Campos. All this and much more in the microphones of Nueva Dimensión Radio . beyond reality Everything that goes beyond reality, explained from the maximum rigor possible, without sensationalism or big headlines. A pure journalistic view of Santiago Vázquez on the facts that science cannot decipher. Echoes of the remote A mystery podcast different from the others: with music, without clichés and with the collaboration of great experts on the topics covered, who will invite you to reflect.

You to a Dark Place Full of Mysteries

If you want to discover the mystery from a different format than the rest. Echoes of the remote is your podcast. lights in the night A podcast for the most curious curious. Without dogmas or absolute truths. In Luces. La noche you listen to and value the facts that are explained to you and you decide. Whether to believe it or not. Without a doubt, a podcast for open-minded people, who are not told what to believe. Universe of Mysteries Another podcast for listeners who are tired of set-ups and lies. In Universe of Mysteries they have it clear <<there is no mystery in what is not true>>. That is why they will approach this world with absolute rigor and respect for the truth. The Unseen Dragon The program for the curious par excellence: science, mystery. History and conspiracies in a weekly program that will not leave you indifferent. UFOs, prophecies, mystery, magic.

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