Music is a fundamental part of our lives and that is why today we bring you some of the most outstanding musical podcasts of the moment , from styles as diverse as rock, jazz, blues, indie or hip hop. What are you waiting for to listen to them? These are our must-have music podcasts: sound sofa sound sofa The Beatles , Nina Simone , David Bowie or Led Zeppelin are some of the famous artists who have sat on this curious sofa. However, podcast directed by Alfonso Cardenal delves into the history of the 20th century, music and its most iconic characters. However, to Sound Sofa for free on iVoox all records are great all records are great After announcing the closure of his legendary program Disco Grande , the renowned music journalist Julio Ruiz moves into the world of podcasts with his new Todos los discos son grandes .

Essential to know all the news of independent music! Listen to All Records Are Great for free on iVoox Cloud Jazz Cloud Jazz Esteban Novillo presents Cloud Jazz, an exquisite podcast dedicated to Smooth Jazz. An hour to escape and enjoy the best Costa Rica Phone Numbers record releases and the classics of recent decades. Listen to Cloud Jazz for free on iVoox welcome to the 90s welcome to the 90s The 90’s were wonderful in many aspects, also when it comes to music. Let yourself be invaded by nostalgia and discover its secrets from the hand of Roberto Martínez, who tells us about the best songs by bands like Radiohead , Muse or Oasis . Listen to Welcome to the 90s for free on iVoox The Great Journey The Great Journey It covers the history of rock from its beginnings to the present day.

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However, is the one who leads this adventure, from where you will find the indicated themes of folk, blues, punk, hard, garage and almost all styles of rock. Listen to The Great Journey for free on iVoox late hours late hours A Altas Horas is the podcast where you will find the best of national and international indie, and the ideal place to discover new songs and bands of this unique and alternative style. Listen to A Late Hours for free on iVoox. However, Roar of my Impala The Roar of my Impala Music and cinema go hand in hand in The Roar of my Impala. Do you need anything else? We assure you that this pairing promises strong emotions.

Listen to The Roar of my Impala for free on iVoox York’s Flight York’s Flight Each program of Yorch’s Flight is a sea of ​​knowledge. If you want to have a good time, learn about the history of renowned Spanish and international groups and listen to their best songs, this is your podcast. To give you an idea, The Cranberries, Estopa or Extremoduro are some of the ones to which an episode has been dedicated, in this Radio Viajera content . Listen to El Vuelo de Yorch for free on iVoox 180 degrees 180 degrees 180 degrees is… music. However, rock, soul, funk, R&B… and much more. The RTVE podcast with the most rhythm that you cannot miss if you are a lover of good music.

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However, to 180 degrees for free on iVoox The basement The basement El Sótano is the program specialized in the sounds of garage, surf, frat rock and revivals. A daily podcast where music is the main protagonist. Listen to El Sótano for free on iVoox Oh bells! Oh bells! The copla was the soundtrack of the sweeping and the scrubbing, of our grandmothers, of the tasks that sustained and sustain the world. Lidia García tells us about folklore with a gender perspective in this delicious podcast. However, , oh bells! free on iVoox If the music could speak If the music could speak Music is a universal language in which labels and styles do not matter so much. However, journalist Javier Duque breaks barriers and shows that there are connections between apparently opposite music.

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