If you have always wanted to learn English but have not been able to for various reasons, now you can do it thanks to the iVoox podcasts. Below we suggest the best podcasts to learn English in an easy and effective way at your fingertips. Plug in your headphones and immerse yourself in this new language. These are our 10 podcasts to learn English: Richard Vaughan Live What better way than to learn English with a native teacher like Richard Vaughan. In this daily English podcast you will learn grammar, phonetics and vocabulary in a practical way.

Ready for your first class? English Learning for Curious Minds This podcast will help you improve your English while you will learn curiosities Egypt Phone Numbers about the world around us. Also, each episode comes with key vocabulary to make understanding easier. Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast With more than 10 years of experience and awards behind it, this podcast offers you to learn English in a fun way with British teachers. Learn English with La Mansión del Inglés Every week you will find lessons on different topics, from the purest grammar to stories and adventures.

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It’s the perfect podcast to prepare for your English test! Learning English Broadcast Perfect podcast for those who want to start learning English, thanks to its limited vocabulary, short sentences and slower reading pace than other VOA English broadcasts. Are there any beginners around here? Crosby’s 9 If you are a person with little time, this podcast is a perfect fit for you. 9-minute lessons to learn and improve your English skills. Learn English with BeLingua In this podcast you will find tricks, techniques, advice and strategies to learn English in a different way. The audios are explained in Spanish to make understanding easier. English o’clock 2.0 Podcast where the audios are separated into three levels: Beginner , intermediate and advanced .

It is a very effective way for everyone, regardless of their level of English, to enjoy the podcast. Culips ESL Podcast – Learn English naturally Learn English and improve your skills as if you were having coffee with a friend. Your fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation will naturally improve with this podcast, always following its motto: Get awesome at English, with Culips! BBC Learning English Drama Improve your English with classic and new storytelling from the BBC’s ‘Learning English Drama’ podcast. Each episode lasts between 6 and 10 minutes. Are you ready? Frequent questions What is the best podcast in English? That depends a lot on each one and their interests.

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However, iVoox you will find podcasts in English on all topics: mystery, true crime , personal development, cinema, history, technology, stories… To start, we leave you with a couple of podcasts that you will surely love: The daily , 20 minutes with the most important news of the day from the New York Times or Friday Night Comedy , with the best humor from BBC 4. If you consider yourself a curious person, with ambition for knowledge and scientific knowledge, this post is for you. You, who love to listen to all kinds of topics related to astronomy, new discoveries, humanity and science in general. Here we bring you the 15 best science podcasts that you cannot miss. These are the best science podcasts you can listen to: Astrobitácora: Astronomy with Álex Riveiro.

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