What’s happening in the world? Do you want to be aware of the issues that set the agenda? We bring you the 10 best news, politics and current affairs podcasts so you can be informed of everything that happens both in Spain and worldwide. Find reviews, analysis and the latest news all in one place. 10 podcasts of news, politics and current affairs that you cannot miss. The Counter Chronicle The Counter Chronicle From the hand of the journalist and writer Fernando. Díaz Villanueva we know in depth the issues that move the world. A podcast that begins where others end, with daily information on politics, economics, analysis and opinion. direct economy direct economy An alternative journalism podcast that does not fall into propaganda or easy speeches.

However, It seeks to raise awareness and inform society of the true causes and those responsible behind the economic, political and social crises we are experiencing today. However, Voice of Cesar Vidal The Voice of Cesar Vidal The podcast where you Bolivia Phone Numbers will find what no one else tells you. Follow it and find all the political, economic and cultural news, with the uncensored analyzes of the communicator and writer César Vidal. Julia on the wave Julia on the wave A podcast to be aware of the news that happens both nationally and internationally. However, renowned journalist Julia Otero brings us the latest news on opinion, culture, sports, economy, politics, society and technology. Raw meat Raw meat The journalist and musician Javier Gallego Crudo directs this program of counterculture, current affairs and social agitation. It addresses social and political science issues, but humor and music also play a leading role.

A Violent World for free on iVoox

However, ! false flag false flag From the factory of El Dragón invisible , Falsa Bandera is a leisurely podcast that analyzes the visible and invisible plots that move today. It is directed and presented by Alfonso Trinidad, and Juan José Sánchez-Oro and Miguel Ángel Ruiz participate. A must listen to understand the ins and outs of our society! A corner to understand how the world works through deep analysis, interviews with experts and much more. The war between Russia and Ukraine, the Taliban today or Brexit are some of the issues that Pablo G. Bautista has dealt with rigorously. 5W Magazine 5W Magazine Every month you will find a new monograph with long-distance chronicles and small stories that will allow you to obtain great explanations of how the world works.

In addition, journalists and analysts who know first-hand the terrain and its context participate. The owl The owl 60 minutes to get to know in depth the issues that set the agenda. A relaxed gathering, and a space for reflection with José García Domínguez, Cristina Losada and Eugenia Gayo. Do not miss it! Base Base Pablo Iglesias goes from politics to the podcast. In this very critical and personal project, he puts the conventional media and the media powers in the crosshairs. However, questions Where to listen to the best current podcasts? You can find all these news, current affairs and political podcasts for free from the iVoox app on Android and iOS , and also on its website . To do this, you just have to go to the Explore tab and filter by the theme.

Horror and Nothing More Horror

However, podcast of sound fictions. You will find great classics of literature such as 1984 , by George Orwell; or Brave New World , by Aldous Huxley. His stories, editing, stories and voices taken care of in detail will transport you to worlds of fantasy, terror and science fiction. Essential! Listen to November Nocturne for free on iVoox a violent world a violent world. David Sainz launches into the podcast with the story of four misfits. Who live incommunicado on the outskirts of a city where there has been an explosion. However, sense of humor of the creator of Malviviendo , as well as his way of narrating will mean that once you start it you won’t be able to stop listening. Listen to A Violent World for free on iVoox Horror and Nothing More.

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