Self-reliance is human nature, and there are good reasons. While everyone desperately wants career advancement, some of us stay in one area or another as we move up the corporate ladder. If you work for a living, you probably know a lot of people who are literally around them. They make the biggest decisions in the business, command a lot of money, enjoy additional benefits, and have the best office. It is there that work determines the path of the company, and therefore its work is the most important in the organization.

Here are the top 10 jobs that are most valuable to a typical company.

1. Chief Executive Officer

Today, it is popular to dismiss C -level executives like the kind of high -paid, overypyp, money -loving capitalists who fly on corporate planes and earn the same amount of money when they get fired and fired like they do Cameroon Phone Number when the job is actually done they are. . This may be true, but only the CEO is the most important person in a company. Her hair stays there.

2. Top executives

Contrary to most people’s thinking, those who report directly to the CEO have a direct responsibility for carrying out each of their responsibilities in the company. However, there is still a pecking order among top managers. Since the chief financial officer signs SEC documents, it means he or she could go to jail with his or her boss if there is fraud in the financial accounts, then next to the CFO, along with to the chief executive or president, if any.


3. General Manager

If you run a business and have profit and loss, or P&L, responsibilities that don’t always put you well with the members of the executive management team, but you are much more important than those who manage business responsibilities. management, such as human resources and information technology.

4. Product Manager

I know many of you think that engineers are responsible for creating great products that beat the competition. They are not. Marketing must create complete products and bring them to a committee position in a secure marketplace. Product sellers rarely get the reputation they deserve.

5. Product development

No matter how good your marketing is, you can’t have a new product without someone developing something new. You don’t need a management title to look amazing if you’re a top product creator. And yes, it’s worth the idyllic vision.

6. Trade

Sales are responsible for winning and retaining customers, which is the first priority of every company. It is written and it is true. It goes without saying that trade is responsible for generating money, which is also kind of hard to do without. That’s why retailers make a lot of money.

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