We review the career of tom geismar, one of the most influential graphic designers in the world founder of the influential agency chermayeff geismar haviv, and author of visual identities for some of the worlds bestknown brands, such as mobil, xerox or pbs, the history of design would probably look radically different without the intervention of tom geismar. More than fifty years of extraordinary experience endorse one of the architects behind the modern conception of logo design and visual identities.

Always up to date with the latest trends, geismar welcomes us to review achievements such as the visual program for national geographic and make it clear, once again, that good design does not depend on eras or styles their budgets never expire.


The New York University Torch

Find out in the video below. A turning point in the history of background remove service design my father wanted me to study economics and I wanted to do art, basically, geismar tells us in the interview. “I did research at yale university and discovered what graphic design was. Actually, my inspiration came from there, from those two years”, adds geismar.

There, at the university, is precisely where he met ivan chermayeff, the designer who would later become his partner. Tom geismar began his career in 1957, when he founded, together with ivan chermayeff and robert brownjohn, the agency that would bear their three names, today known as chermayeff geismar haviv.

background remove service

Dare to explore everything that is out there

They soon specialized in designing logos and visual BHB Directory identities for some of the biggest brands in the us his work with the redesign of the chase manhattan bank identity, with its commitment to abstraction and simplicity, would influence countless proposals for decades to come. Tom geismar, a referent of graphic design of the 20th century, in domestika maestros 3 chase bank logo for geismar, those assumptions have not expired simplicity and the search for the cleanest possible solution continue to be values ​​to claim in our digital age, in which increasingly smaller interfaces require easily readable and understandable proposals, regardless of the device.

That we are using the mobile logo one of the most emblematic logos that geismar designed together with his partner was that of the american oil giant mobil. As they say on the chermayeff geismar haviv page, the idea of ​​the red o reinforces a design concept that can be used in circular canopies, pumps and display elements and give it a distinctive and attractive appearance.

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