That today we are launching ‘ Todo Pasa’ , Andreu Buenafuente’s personal podcast in which the popular comedian narrates his day-to-day life. Produced by El Terrat, it is a free content whose premiere is scheduled for June 9, although from today you can already enjoy a first preview. Andreu’s most personal project The program will feature a new installment every Wednesday in which we will get to know what the comedian, producer and TV presenter’s 24 hours are like; at home, with his family, with the people closest to him or in his most public facet. Buenafuente defines ‘Todo Pasa’ as the freest and most personal thing he has ever done. “It’s an audio diary, it’s a heartfelt soulful podcast, it’s an authentic notebook — it’s distilled radio,” he says.

‘Todo Pasa’ is an essential and transgressive podcast, where Buenafuente’s reflections are intertwined with domestic sounds and acoustic rock classics. “A soundtrack of the everyday, where there is nothing more exciting than the voice,” says Buenafuente. However, versatile comedian takes the reins with a program without limits, where he has Ivory Coast Phone Number absolute freedom of content and duration, and it is a perfect window to get closer to his personal world. It is a particular experiment in the world of audio, and it is the place where Buenafuente portrays, through the podcast, the different scenes that build his day to day. “Those who know me know that I can’t stop.

Andreu Launches the Podcast

However, He ends. However, commitment to the podcast 55% of Spaniards say they have listened to a podcast in the last month, according to Digital News Report 2020.  And in our iVoox Observatory we have already announced that our more than 5 million users listen to an average of 19 hours a month. However, are figures that support the projection of an industry that does not stop growing. It is also a very personal communication channel, “which allows the creator to connect with his audience, and this generates a lot of engagement “, says Juan Ignacio Solera, the founder of iVoox. For Agustí Esteve, executive director of El Terrat, “it is an ideal format for innovation.

It’s perfect to be able to work in a field where you can experiment. However, limits and see if there are ‘doors to the field’ or not”. Buenafuente has been innovating with El Terrat. For more than 30 years through television, radio and digital entertainment formats in Spain. And now comes with his own podcast with a different and disruptive format, without a script. “A proposal close to improvisation and an allegation to everyday life, which we believe. Will be a precedent for other content creators to bet on and experiment with this format,” says Solera. ‘Todo Pasa’ is part of iVoox Originals , the largest catalog of exclusive and free podcasts in Spanish. Its incorporation represents a new commitment to encourage the creation of new content and continue to bring the podcast closer to the general public.

We Are Please to Announce

Under that premise and with the aim of increasing your options to receive more support , we launched the historical closure , a new functionality in subscriptions for fans that allows you to make your published episodes “only for fans” automatically. However, need to create new content, in one click. Have fan-only episodes in one click: How does the history close work? Are you one of those who may not have enough time to create additional content? Or maybe you already have fan-only content but want to expand your catalogue. However, new tool will surely help you. It is an option that you can activate from the monetization settings of your podcast. You’ll find a dropdown with various options that allow. You choose how long you want an episode to go Fans Only after it’s publish.

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