In this blog we talk about e-commerce, sales, strategies, customer service and, among many other topics, the importance of social networks to promote your brand and interact with your customers. That’s why we couldn’t stay behind. Today we are proud to present our new profiles on Facebook and Google+, as well as the progress we have made in our Twitter profile, almost a year after its opening. Like us on Facebook! Just a few days ago we created our Facebook Fan Page, under the name Shopify Español . Reviewing our statistics, we realized that our readers have a very particular interest in sharing our content through this medium, which is why we didn’t want to be left behind.

It goes without saying that Facebook is, so far, the main social network. The world and specifically in Latin America 18% of the global base is and in the future. It will contribute to the revenue of this social network increasing by 52%. Also, don’t forget Canada Phone Number that we also have the Shopify Facebook Store, This resource allows you to easily sell your products directly from your Facebook page. This is an excellent option to generate traffic and sales. While achieving an increase in the commitment of the followers of your page in that social network. Your Facebook followers will be able to view, buy and share the product you have on display, all directly from the page.

Shopify in Spanish Present

And the best part is that all of this is just a few clicks away. If you want to know more about Shopify Facebook Store and other content, like our Fan Page, and find this and many more topics that you can share directly on your profile. Add us to your Google+ circles! For all our readers who are fans of G+, we also have good news for you. Just as we saw growth in our shares on other networks, Google+ could not be left behind and we decided to make it easier for them to read and follow our content through this medium. So daily we will be posting and updating with the latest content from our blog. We hope that if you like it.

Much has been said about the situation that exists around Google+, and if it has met the expectations that the market expected. What cannot be denied is that the platform has been adapting to the medium and to what users want to obtain. Little by little it has been integrat into the lives of users . So, if like us you are thinking of having a Google+ account for your online store, we recommend that you consult our easy guide to find and attract potential customers through Google+. Follow us on twitter! It is worth reminding you that we are almost a year old with our Twitter account.

on Facebook, Twitter and Google

Which thanks to you has continuously increased its number of followers and where we have been able to find people who share an interest in the same topics that we dedicate ourselves to sharing with them. So if you still don’t follow us, we invite you to follow our account and continue growing and sharing content that is always relevant to e-commerce. So there is no longer an excuse for you not to have access to our content. We are waiting for you on our social networks to share topics of interest, concerns and/or doubts. If you require any type of customer service, do not hesitate to contact us through any of the three profiles, we can support you and provide you with technical support.

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