Other words resources China WhatsApp Number List a single page served over HTTPS and others over HTTP. Therefore if your site is not secure, we recommend that you configure it in HTTPS as soon as possible. The only problem with switching to HTTPS is that your pages suddenly have different URLs. So it is REALLY important that your pages are all redirected to the same URL through 301 redirects. redirects-https-seo Site architecture and internal networking When your site is new and only 5 pages long, the site architecture doesn’t matter that much. But when your site has hundreds or even thousands of pages, the way your site architecture is configured can make a big difference.

First, you should create a hierarchical structure that organizes your pages into categories. hierarchical-site-structure Next, we recommend that you set up internal links pointing to your priority site pages . internal-link-seo agency 90 That is just about everything. The only other thing to keep in mind is that your internal links should have an optimized link anchor . So if you are linking to a page on your e-commerce site that offers hoodies, don’t use anchor text like “click here”. Instead, make sure your anchor text contains the keyword “hoodie”.

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Tip: think about the semantic cocoon To go further in the internal networking strategy of your site, we advise you to deepen your knowledge of the semantic cocoon , a concept imagined by Laurent Bourrelly in the 2000s. This technique combining Content Marketing, internal networking and link building is a time-consuming strategy, but recognized as effective by many SEO consultants, for sites wanting to become number 1 on Google in their niche of activity. Mobile as a priority Mobile optimization has become a top priority today. Google’s crawl and indexing system is now Mobile First. This means that the mobile version of your website is the primary one that Google sees and will analyze.


So if your site loads fast on desktop but loads slowly on mobile, Google will consider your site to be slow. If you are using Search Console, you can see if your site is mobile compatible and does not pose an analysis problem for Google. ergonomics-mobile-search-console seo If not, we invite you to use the online tool provided by Google of Mobile Optimization Test . test-optimization-mobile-google seo If through this test it turns out that your pages are not suitable for mobile support, this should be a priority in your SEO action plan. Tip: Make sure you don’t use interstitial pop-ups or ads on your site that hinder users’ browsing on mobile and desktop.

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Google has indicated that this kind of practice could lead to a drop in positioning in its index. Interstitial ad penalized by Google. interstitial-penalized-by-google seo Interstitial puberty tolerated insterstitial-correct-google seo Measure your results with Analytics How do you know if all the effort you put into your SEO strategy is actually working? To measure your results and performance on the web, the recommended tool is called Google Analytics . Here’s how Google Analytics can help you better manage your SEO campaigns: You can easily track and visualize the evolution of organic traffic over time.

If you see a graph curve like this, you are probably on the right track in terms of SEO strategy. curve-google-analytics seo You can identify which pages generate the most traffic from search engines. This way you can analyze and replicate what works. Google Analytics allows you to analyze the interaction of visitors with your site. Metrics like bounce rate and pageviews help you understand if your content is meeting user needs. You can also set up conversion tracking in GA. This way you can see if the traffic that comes from SEO is converting your visitors into customers or driving sales. conversion-seo-analytics agency 90 The Link Building The goal of Link Building, or Netlinking , is to get other websites to .

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