The Public, you Morocco WhatsApp Number List all the questions asked by Internet users on this subject. questions-regime-paleo seo Among this data, the objective will be to identify interesting questions that you can address through a blog article for example, such as “paleo diet what breakfast”. Next step: carry out your keyword research. Keyword tools can help you determine how many people are searching for each keyword and how difficult it will be to rank on the first page of Google for that query. In other words, these tools can help you choose the best expressions according to the topic that interests you.

Here are the most popular keyword research tools: SEM Rush Moz Ahrefs These tools are chargeable. But the best tool for finding your keywords is not on this list since it is a free tool provided by Google: the Keyword Planner . google-keyword-planner seo Even if the Keyword Planner was originally designed to drive your Google Ads campaigns , it turns out to be a powerful tool for selecting your keywords for SEO. All you need to do is enter a transactional (product) or informational keyword into the tool, like below. keyword-planner-regime-paleo seo You then get a whole bunch of relevant data about your query, like a list of related phrases with their monthly search volume.

For A Website Which Can Have A Beneficial Effect

data-regime-paleo-keyword-planner seo Of course, being initially a tool dedicated to sponsored campaigns, the Keyword Planner also provides you with forecast results as well as budget if you decide to invest money in a Google Ads strategy. forecast-keyword-planner-campaign-sea seo You can also use a third-party tool (like Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc.) which has sometimes more accurate information on the search volume of the keywords. In general, you will need to focus on keywords with a high search volume since that means that this query is typed by a large number of people and therefore can potentially bring you back traffic. However, keyword with high


search volume means keyword with increased competition. If you are new to SEO, we recommend that you base part of your strategy on long tail keywords. Why ? Because long tail search phrases are less competitive. long-tail-vs-top-tail-keywords seo When you have a solid foundation in place with your site, you can start attacking top tail queries with high search volume. But if you are just new to SEO, we advise you to be pragmatic and start optimizing your content on long tail requests on which there will be less competition than top tail expressions to be visible, while converting better. How to optimize your content for SEO? It’s no secret that SEO and content are closely linked.

In Short, Seo Represents A Huge Source Of Traffic

The more useful the content you serve to the reader, the higher your SERP rank will be. It’s obviously not that simple, but it’s a good rule of thumb to follow when writing SEO content. Here are some tips for creating great SEO content. Create content for products and services If you have a website dedicated to commercial purposes, the content of the product and service pages should always be of high quality. But that’s not why you necessarily have to “spread” your text pages at the risk of hampering the user experience. In fact, the main goal of your product pages should be to convert visitors into leads and customers . This is why it is essential that your pages presenting a product focus on the features and benefits that the product offers.

For example, if we look at the home page of the site of Intent Technologies , a Lille company that has developed a platform dedicated to property managers, we see that the content is of quality. Intent-Technologies Even though this is not a blog post, this homepage does put some useful content outlining the benefits this platform offers. intent-technologies-benefits content So someone looking for a keyword like “property management software” would certainly find what they are looking for .

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