have the opportunity to Lithuania WhatsApp Number List on your visibility and e-reputation according to the research and specific keywords typed by Internet users in the search engine in Google. Regardless of the reason that leads a person to browse and search for information on the Internet, in the majority of cases this person will use the Google search engine, which will generate website results based on their search. For a politician, analyzing the behavior of Internet users and the searches they can carry out on Google will make it possible to identify their expectations and what they hope for in terms

of societal improvements. Once the identification of research and problems of Internet users is complete, it will be necessary to create content in textual form, addressing these problems and offering an answer to them, to then publish it on your website. Thanks to this content incorporating the keywords typed by your audience, they will be able to be visible in Google results, and will thus allow your website to be considered relevant to these issues. This integration of Google SEO into your digital marketing strategy helps improve your online reputation The example of Jean- blog Within the political landscape a French, a personality who has very well perceived this evolution in terms of communication is Jean-Luc arrived 4th in the votes during the 1 st round of the presidential election of 2017.

The Number Of People Who Saw Your Post

Blog Jean-Luc blog Through his blog , the leader of his communication team regularly publish content dealing with current events and societal situations in France. The objective is to build a real digital identity and a visible e-reputation in Google in relation to users looking for two types of queries: those related toand collaborator of Jean-Pierre appears directly in the first results of Google for searches such as: “Write to ant on the keyword “left program” Social networks to reach your electorate immediately In addition to natural referencing, which will allow you to be visible on searches carried out in


Google by your electorate while working on your content, an advertising campaign on social networks will also be a powerful weapon to convey your political message and to reach as closely as possible a audience likely to react to it. State of play of the use of social networks in France As this study carried out by and Hootsuite in January 2019 illustrates , the first two activities carried out by French Internet users are, the use of search engines, and the visit of social networks. By analyzing the behavior of Internet users, we also notice that the smartphone is used by 33 million French users to browse social networks. social networks use 2019 This same study also shows us that social networks are actively used by 38 million French people every month.

Such As The Number Of Clicks For Example

active user is defined by the fact that he visits a social network at least once a month. Finally, among these social networks, the leaders in terms of uses are YouTube , Facebook and Instagram . It is these last two that will interest us in the context of a digital communication strategy for the benefit of a political campaign. social media activity 2019 Facebook and Instagram to capture user interests We will not go back over the impressive rate of use of these two social networks in France, for which the figures speak for themselves.

In the context of this article, we would like to focus on the very DNA of these platforms that are Facebook and Instagram, which revolve around their users, their interactions, centers of interest, and therefore, how to take advantage of these behaviors. as part of a digital communication strategy for your political campaign. Why do political and advertising parties usually communicate via television media? Because people spend time in front of the television. Now people are spending time on the internet, and on social media in particular . On Facebook and Instagram, users clearly display affinities with brands, trends, cultures, or causes, without anyone asking them to do so. Of course, all of these behaviors are recorded and taken into account by .

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