Marketers at Oreo have been making a lot of noise about their cookies in recent days, using social media as a means of doing so. The techniques they are using are extremely innovative, but not that difficult to apply. The popular biscuit brand, known for its black and white striped colors that go perfectly with a glass of milk. Has managed to adapt its image to market trends and has become a powerful brand on social media. 34M fans on Facebook + 148k followers on Twitter + 93M followers on Instagram + 22M followers on In past months, Oreo was successful with various Social Media strategies. Their tweets during the Super Bowl, the 100-day “Daily Twist” Facebook campaign, the “Cookie Vs. Cream” YouTube videos, and the awkward moment on Twitter in front of their archenemy Kit Kat, show that they are experts at when to Social Media.

Let us consider promotions and the lesson to be learned from these practices. Tweet during the Super Bowl During this year’s Super Bowl game the power went out in the New Orleans Superdome. American Football players were stunned by Poland Phone Number this event, while 10 million viewers had 34 minutes to admire a blackout. Oreo quickly took action on the matter and released the following tweet: Oreo’s marketing agency, 360I , were watching the game together and went on to create an excellent campaign. In five minutes the team composed, created, approved and launched the tweet, a simple advertisement, showing a photo of a single Oreo cookie in front of a dark background with a phrase that read “Even in the dark you can soak it”. Shiny.

Holidays and Events  and Publications

This tweet generated more than 16,000 retweets and was seen by hundreds of people on twitter. He was recognized for one of the best advertising pieces in the Super Bowl. The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and dozens of other publications wrote articles about the phenomenon. Daily Oreo Campaigns Daily from June 25 to October 2, 2012, Oreo released an image of the redesigned cookie to commemorate each of the important dates during that time. On September 27, an Oreo was shown with an image similar to that of the National Football League. On August 5, half of the cookie was shown with red cream. The marked lines were the symbol that alluded to the landing of the Mars rover spacecraft. You can see them all here .

The campaign was first launched on Oreo’s Facebook page and generated an increase in its followers, generating a 110% increase in visits, according to the company. Oreo added close to 5 million likes while this campaign was being shown. The Cookie Vs. Oreo Cream Video Campaign Oreo videos “Cookie vs. Cream” were posted on the Youtube account. These are videos showing elaborate machines designed to split Oreo cookies into two pieces and remove the cream filling. The first video of this advertising campaign shows a spacer created by physicist David Neevel, and in three weeks it received more than 4 million views. Oreo went on to produce three more videos adding creative separating machines. All four videos have had 5 million views and generated hundreds of positive comments.

The Secret Behind Oreo’s Social Media Strategy

Twitter Tic Tac Toe A couple of weeks ago there was a showdown between Oreo and Kit Kat. Oreo is owned by Nabisco and. Kit Kat is owned by Nestle, making them direct competitors. They started a tweet war over the following message. Two days later, the Kit Kat Social Media specialists responded with an interesting challenge for Oreo. Pictured is the popular cat game, with a cross in the middle made from two Kit Kat bars. The tweet carries the message “The fight for affections has begun. oreo it’s your turn #dateuntiempo ” Hours later. Oreo responded with an interesting message: In the image, only a piece of the Kit Kat bars is visible. With the message “Sorry, we couldn’t resist… #DateUnTiempoOreo” Apply the Oreo strategy to your business. The Social Media campaign is one of the highest quality strategies that can be found.

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