Twitter has launched an analytics tool for publishers called “Timing is Everything”. This tool displays historical data showing the best time to post your Kuwait Email List on Twitter in order to capture the maximum audience and maximize your engagement rate and conversations. Important: you must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers for the data to go back.

Instagram, like what YouTube offers, also allows influencers to monetize their content . The social network owned by Facebook will also allow its users to make donations in favor of the influencers they follow, in order to encourage them to create more and more qualitative content.

Twitter Gives Advice On How To Distribute Your Videos

From your Twitter account, go to the Analytics drop-down menu in Media Studio and select Insights. “Timing is Everything” gives an aggregated view of when people watch videos on Twitter with the goal of helping publishers, brands and influencers optimize their video content by showing it when users are most likely to watch a video. video based on historical data from Twitter.

Kuwait Email List

Twitter encourages publishers to continue posting throughout the day to maximize reach. Choosing to broadcast during the most engaging times of the day and week is still the best strategy.

Twitter Launches The “Timing Is Everything” Tool


Certain sectors of activity quickly took hold of the phenomenon, like the worlds of fashion or beauty. And it is clear that the performance of these strategies is more than attractive since they make it possible to improve acquisition and therefore develop sales . Faced with the excesses of this sector, brands today tend to turn to micro-influencers . The latter are in fact connected with small communities, between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers. They are therefore closer to consumers, the latter having a greater propensity to engage.

Influencer marketing is therefore widely democratized on Instagram. Many specialized agencies have been created in recent years to facilitate the connection between advertisers and public figures. But by launching its own networking platform, Instagram could turn this universe upside down.

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