Time spent on social media in 2019, according to the gossip, is said to be declining. Confidence in these new media shattered, users on the run. Except that an analysis of Broadbandsearch.net – a site of comparators of Ghana WhatsApp Number List Internet connectivity offers in the United States which bases its work on the analysis of the data – leaning on the studies of SimilarWeb and other sites of Web analytics shows exactly the opposite. Supporting figures, the American site shows us that social media remain widely popular with users.

However, Broadband Search says this trend may well be peaking right now and the time spent on social media is likely to drop significantly in the future. Anyway, we are a long way from the impression of “Facebook fatigue” which animates the discussions in Paris, and we must be wary of superficial impressions, social media play an extremely important role at the moment, maybe more. than ever.

Why Are Social Media Stats Important?

To add nuance, I would add that these studies mix up global data and that, as a result, they hide a very important phenomenon, the development of social media in emerging countries and a clear decrease in use in Western countries. A phenomenon which is undoubtedly not unrelated to the launch of Libra , whose main target is precisely the developing countries.

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[update 16/10/20]: the 2020 figures shown by the Broadbandsearch site (on usage statistics for 2019) do not show any difference – apart from the color of the graph – neither upward nor on the decline. It is still not appropriate to give in to panic and misconceptions that social media is outdated.

Average Time Spent Daily On Social Media (2019 Data)

In 2019, social media remains one of the best ways for people to communicate with each other. They allow people to stay in touch across continents and time zones, but also with friends who live only a stone’s throw away. We are connected today in ways that previous generations could not even have imagined.

time spent on social media in 2019
But with this constant connection comes this question: How much time do people actually spend on social media each day in 2019? Is it excessive? Should we rejoice in these increasingly connected lives, or make an effort to reduce screen time? The answer to this question is left to each of us, but first we need to know the numbers. Read on to see how much time people will actually spend on social media in 2019.

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