The contact centers could well in the long term be threatened with disappearance. Covid-19 has changed the digital experiences of businesses and customers to such an extent that the new standard for contact Paraguay Phone Number List could simply be the disappearance of contact centers. A few weeks ago, I interviewed Adrian Benic, Vice President of Products at Infobip, a telecommunications and IT company with a worldwide presence and head office split between Croatia and London. Adrian told me that despite all the talk, the digital experience was a dream for many companies. However, the Covid-19 has changed everything and the process of digitizing customer relations has been considerably accelerated.

It is of course very difficult to do it online. Success ultimately lies not in the technology but in the “control tower”. There were 25 of us on the same day to constantly validate connections / disconnections, votes, technological problems or schedule constraints.

Many Companies Are Lagging Behind In Terms Of Creating Digital Experiences

Most companies think they’re creating digital experiences for their customers, but they’re not, Adrian Benic told me. Covid-19 has completely changed the rules of the game. Despite all the digital transformation jokes , not even to mention the bingo buzzword of the digital experience , “what most businesses are actually doing is stacking functionality on top of existing user experiences, which is by nature. dysfunctional in terms of the customer journey, ”Adrian told me.

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“What happens is that the support team often works up to five hours and after that consumers are left unaided because everyone is getting ready to leave the office,” he explained. Additionally, people who work evenings may not be available on the channel consumers expect to find them on. It is this force that creates the power for the success of the event.

Changing Behavior Requires New Tools

This change in behavior is impacting the kind of tools people use, and we’re not just talking about classic social media platforms. The goal is what you might call an email ecosystem . We must build the new WhatsApp or Viber or WeChat for the world of customer relations “When you think about it, there is a whole ecosystem that could serve the needs of a consumer: from the search for a service to the exchange with a company, including consumption and payment, everything could merge into the same ecosystem ”.

Let’s talk about WeChat in China, for example, with which you can go to a grocery store, buy vegetables and fruit, and pay with your cell phone. “For these people, it’s as easy as selling apples or oranges,” Adrian said. But what about the rest of the world? “If such platforms are so successful in China, attract so many consumers and generate a lot of turnover, why aren’t businesses here adopting them much faster? he asked himself.

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