Everyone has their own dream house. Someone will usually make the house as comfortable as possible for their residence.

Talking about it, recently social media was shocked by a simple wooden house that looks outside but is aesthetically pleasing inside. The appearance of the wooden house was re-uploaded by the Instagram social media account memomedsos. 

“Anti-shirk from people and theft

,” wrote the uploader as a description of his upload as quoted by Yoursay.id, Monday 

Video footage initially showed the outside of a house built with wooden walls. This wooden house is elongated to the back. 

The wooden house when viewed from the outside looks simple. The wood that became the walls of the house looked old, not painted at all. 

However, who would have thought that the inside

of the house looks astonishing because it is inversely proportional to the outside. The interior of the wooden house looks aesthetic and luxurious. 

Paint the walls light gray. While the ceiling and floor inside the house are painted white.

Likewise with the furniture which is also dominated by white. In the living room, there is a contemporary gray sofa. 

A large fan is placed in the living room. The walls of the living Venezuela Phone Number room are decorated with aesthetic extensions in the form of pictures and writings. 

The curtains installed on the living room window are white with motifs. The living room of this house is filled with a white chest of drawers. 

The Interior of the House Looks Aesthetic and Luxurious

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Refrigerators and electric rice cookers are placed near the chest of drawers. Don’t forget to put some decorations on the walls of the living room. 

The bedroom is no less aesthetic and luxurious too. The appearance of a simple wooden house on the outside but aesthetic and luxurious on the inside caught the attention of netizens. 

The comment column for the video upload of the house apparition drew various responses from netizens. 

“It’s really cool but there’s no ventilation,” commented one netizen. 

“Good, but there is no air circulation. All window openings are closed. The front door must be crowded if the electricity goes out,” added another.

“The definition of don’t look from the outside,” said another. 

“Humble to skyrocket,” said another.

“But with this, so many people know. So it’s the target, the target is to look for debt,” another netizen responded with a laughing emoji.

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