Now that everyone is talking about the digitization of companies. I found it interesting to make a post about how social networks influence the digitization of any business. It is true that digitization goes far beyond the social activity of companies. But it is no less so, that this social activity is one of the fundamental pillars. On which most small and medium-sized companies rely, not only the big. In addition, on many occasions. We find that it is the entrepreneurs themselves who manage the social networks of their business. Our experience tells us that those who manage the digital marketing of their company or business almost always do it as something. “That has to be done but for which I don’t have time “.

You can read the 20 advantages of using social networks for companies in the link or in this infographic. Infographic 20 advantages of using social networks for companies One of the most important points about the advantages of having social Portugal Phone Number networks for a business is that they are a showcase to the public through the Internet . I’m not going to lie and say that by having a presence on social networks you’re going to start selling and attracting customers like crazy; This is not the case because working in social networks is a long-distance career for most brands, especially when the budget that can be invested in the creation of advertising content and paid promotions is tight.

Medium-Sized Companies Rely

More visibility for your business But it is true that they will help you gain visibility , make a space for yourself in the consumer’s mind and gain their trust when they need your product or service. Keep in mind that it is easier to hire the services of a person, brand or business that we already know. Therefore, social networks will help to achieve the trust of your potential client. Eye, as long as you manage them well. In social networks you can show and promote products or services, seasonal promotions, specific offers… just as you do with the showcase of your physical business. Now, you have to alternate this promotional content with other content that arouses the interest of the followers of your accounts and that is related to your sector of activity.

Think about tutorials, guides, or why not, some meme or funny content from time to time. Put yourself in the shoes of your followers and you will realize that constantly saturating them. With your products will not please them and that, in the end. Will not be good for your social media accounts in the digitization of the business. If you want more information on how to deal with the management of your company’s social networks. Go to this link. Direct relationship with users and customers Social networks facilitate direct relationships with the general public. Which opens the door to reach a larger audience, new potential customers.

Influence the Digitization of Your Business

And, in addition, they are one more communication channel to provide customer service. This results in important benefits such as the achievement of higher loyalty rates. A better brand reputation and the possibility of obtaining relevant and quality information about our actions. You can expand information on customer service through social networks in the link. Web traffic Social networks are a source of traffic to our website. It is essential to it the online presence of any company or business. It is the core on which the online marketing strategy must be based. Since it will be on the web where we can best explain ourselves to present our products or services. To our team, sell if it is an online store… And social traffic to the web is also important to achieve business goals.

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