Finally, we will Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List these targets with Facebook users interacting positively with pages, Facebook groups and publications dealing with environmental issues. Of course, this is just one example, but imagine how much refinement you can get in your targeting in order to deliver your political message with surgical precision. French law on paid advertising on social networks PLEASE NOTE : in France, it is not allowed to pay for advertising campaigns on social networks between 6 months before the poll of an election and on polling day. In other words, for the municipal

elections of March 2020, it was forbidden to do paid advertising on social networks between September 2019 and March 2020 as above. On the other hand, until September 2019 the advertising strategy on social networks detailed above was authorized to build an audience and your base of interlocutors on social networks. Community Management to interact with your audience Once your community is established, it’s time to interact with it. As a reminder, Facebook and Instagram are among the most active social networks in France, which means that your communication will have more impact on these two platforms. You still have to share the right types of content.

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facebook engagement rate 2019 As we can see in the study carried out by HootSuite and WeAreSocial in 2019, the engagement rate of a post with video on Facebook is 6.48% while the average engagement rate of a post is 4.15%. We therefore recommend accompanying some of the messages published on social networks with a video. For Instagram this time, a French Instagram user opens his application up to 10 times a day ( Source: Instagram France for the year 2018 ). This behavior is explained by the fact that public figures on Instagram have a habit of sharing their daily life at high frequency. Added value: Instagram establishes a closeness between a personality and his followers. Ability to locate posts in order to be visible and found by local users.



Laurent Wauquiez Instagram Laurent Wauquiez’s official profile post located for a Savoy audience Measure your results A digital communication campaign will only be successful if it is effective and has aroused something within your electorate and potential voters. In this sense, it is essential to measure the results of each Social Media campaign and to refine your strategy continuously. Facebook and Instagram integrate analysis tools that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. Here is a sample of factors you can measure:

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The number of people who saw your post in their Facebook or Instagram feed. The number of interactions with your message, such as the number of clicks for example. The types of users who were most receptive to your message: gender, age, etc. At what time of the day interactions are strongest … Once again, all of these analyzes will allow you to optimize the targeting and Community Management of your Social Media communication campaigns in order to improve your overall digital strategy. What about emails in all of this? According to the SNCD, the professional organization representing the Data Marketing Industry, in 2017 9 8% of French Internet users had an email address .

Let us recall an essential thing which may seem stupid but “mail” is translated in French by “mail”, the email therefore corresponds to the electronic mail. In politics, paper mail has always been an integral part of campaigns, whether at the local or national level. Email is an evolution of traditional mail. Added value of email: We can segment and send information emails to the email addresses of Internet users located in our voter pool. Problem: How to obtain a high open rate of our emails and arouse the interest of Internet users?

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