Are you considering purchasing a headless CMS? Then think carefully about what you want to use it for. Take a good look at the possibilities that the API offers.

  • For example, can you request content, taking into account your wishes in terms of personalization?
  • Is only the content delivered in raw form or is it also possible to apply templates to the content?
  • Can you request this in different languages?
  • Can the API be expanded with your own microservices or do you need another solution?
  • What will the Total Cost of Ownership be ?

Freedom For

The default CMS from Dr. Jekyll has already proven its worth. But Mr. We don’t know Hyde very well yet. The fact remains that there are many questions that you should ask in advance Canadian CEO Email List when selecting the right CMS. In particular, web app and mobile app oriented organizations with sufficient technical knowledge benefit from the headless CMS approach. Is full control over the look-and-feel and user experience with maximum performance a must? Then a headless CMS is also something for you.

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Should Ask

Are you mainly looking for more freedom for the marketer or editor to change the look-and-feel in addition to the content? But do you want to be able to share the content in, for example, a mobile app or via a content sharing network? Then a hybrid model is a better choice. You can then get started with standard components and templates. At the same time, you also get the freedom to use content via APIs outside your website or portal. So with a hybrid model you keep your options open. Please note that these suppliers use an API-first strategy, so that you have sufficient certainty that all functionalities via standard frontends are also available via the API.

Do you have a question about headless CMS? Let us know via the comment option below.

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