Analysis and idea generation. But there is a tool that should be above all: your brain. Here’s a process I like to recommend for beginners (not my process, this one comes from Upworthy!): Write a post. Write at least 25 headlines for the publication. Yes, 25, not one less! Select the three headlines that you think are the best. Try them out on social media or ask your friends and family. Select the headline your audience thought was the best! This is how you use your brain for headline creation. Even if you need the help of other tools to create these 25 headlines. 7. IFTTT IFTTT is a tool that should probably be used by everyone, not just bloggers. IFTTT is a web service that allows you to connect other web services with each other.

For example, you can connect your WordPress blog to your Facebook account so that every new post is shared on Facebook. Success of IFTTT blogging tools IFTTT Of course, these simple things can be done without IFTTT, but there are other ideas too: For example, you could copy every new Pin you make on Pinterest to a Google Doc, thereby creating a catalog of cool Pins that you can then re-use. Do you have a sports blog? Connect your Strava account to your blog and have it published every time you finish a race. The IFTTT options are endless.

Convertkit Or Other Email Marketing

Tool If you ever want to be successful as a blogger, you need an email marketing tool. Not just because “The money is in the list”. But because subscribers are the only source of traffic you can always count on. While social networking may be “social” by name, email is actually much Italy phone number more “social” than social networking. Email subscribers gave you their email address, which requires a lot more trust than just a Facebook Like. Email subscribers like you enough to receive whatever you decide is a good fit. That’s why email subscribers are worth more than any number of social fans. If, at some point, you want to start making money from your blog, email subscribers are, in most cases.

Italy Phone Numbe

The only ones who will ever buy anything from you. Enough talking about the why, let’s continue with the how. The tool we use for email marketing is Convertkit, and we recently changed it from Mailchimp. Convertkit is great because it allows you to easily set up automation sequences by letting you move people between sequences via lists. If you ever want to sell something to your list, that makes it an invaluable tool. Screenshot (8) Convertkit’s email automation features are best in class Plus, Convertkit is by far the easiest to use email tool I’ve ever seen. It also prevents people from ending up in multiple segments of your list and receiving each email multiple times.

The Downside Of Convertkit

That it is not free. For this reason alone, most beginners will probably start with Mailchimp (which lets you have up to 2,000 subscribers for free). 9. Shock absorber Social media marketing is a pain when you want to do everything manually. Especially on Twitter. If you want to have any success on Twitter, one tweet a day won’t get you very far. We recommend a minimum of 10 tweets per day. You also can’t just post them at the same time; you have to spread them throughout the day. That’s where Buffer comes in handy: even the free version of Buffer lets you schedule 10 tweets. You set the times to send a tweet and then each morning you can fill your buffer and forget about tweeting content for the rest of the day.

Success of blogging tools Buffer makes post scheduling easy Very easy. You can also use Buffers’ content discovery features to discover great posts to tweet, use its analytics to discover which titles perform best, and more. Highly recommended! 10.Pixabay This is not really a tool, just a web portal that allows you to find free images for us. You know, sometimes you don’t need a great illustration, just an attractive image that allows you to illustrate a point. Success of blogging tools Find free-to-use images on Pixabay And stock images are expensive: Images from Pixabay won’t cost you a dime, and you can use them legally!

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