Illustrations and identity

When creating original content, the verbal part (or let’s say, the textual content), is just as relevant as the images that accompany it. The visual part is the one that has the most impact, attracting the attention of our audience, exemplifying or illustrating the messages we want to convey. The most common thing for a company is to use photographs to fulfill this role, due to the importance and added value they provide . However, today many brands are giving rise to illustrations as queens of the scene , due to the novelty and freshness they bring, in addition to the distinctive character they add to the visual identity of an organization, becoming part of its language.


Illustrations and Identity Bee Web Hosting


Some companies such as Headspace , Digital Ocean , Bee Web Hosting or Perbarn , among hundreds of other examples, have opted for this resource to differentiate themselves and create high-impact communication pieces .


The value of illustrations based on

In his book “The promise of the brand” , the strategic marketing specialist Alberto Wilensky develops his brand theory by describing its different natures. Based on this theory Jamaica Phone Number  and many examples, we tell you the value that illustrations can bring to your brand.


Semiotic nature

«The brand is a name and as such a symbolic entity that allows the product to speak to the consumer, building possible worlds»


In this sense, illustrations allow us to invent characters (such as the Bee Web Hosting bee ) or unique universes (such as the case of Melbourne Metro’s ‘ Dumb ways to die ‘ campaign). Which bring us closer to our audiences and allow us to create meaning.


Relational nature

“The brand is the result of a system of relationships and oppositions. The brand is like that, everything that other brands are not.”


Let’s see this exemplified with a practical case: the prepaid medicine company Oscar Health heavily used graphic resources to create an identity completely different from that of its competitors . With a modern, close and relaxed aesthetic. In this case. The resource is a large part of what allows the brand (from communication) to differentiate itself from the rest and show that its essence is different.


In the same way, for the Estación Sur beer refilling center, we added a distinctive style linked to its essence from an aesthetic point of view, which seeks to visually tell the story of the brand.


Illustrations and Identity South Station


Dialectical nature

«The brand arises from the interaction between the product, the company, the logo, the packaging, the communication and the price, among other factors.»


The world we build through visual art provides personality and coherence. Being an ideal tool to tell the story of our brand in a unique way.  At Fuego Yámana we have many successful cases of illustrations applied to motion graphic style videos . Which allow us to reach the audience in a more friendly and simple way.


Entropic nature

«Brands have the natural tendency to lose strength until they disappear. The brand needs almost constant feeding since it cannot be self-sufficient without external support.»


Through a resource such as illustration, an existing brand in the market can receive an injection of life and energy. Such is the case of the visual App proposal that we made for EMTUR in which we incorporated a new style of communication. Accompanied by original ideas to bring tourist proposals closer to visitors.


Illustrations and identity EMTUR


Contractual nature

«The brand can be viewed as a contract with the consumer. Since he is the one who signs it or not, validating it, rejecting it or ignoring it. To do this, it must create an attractive world for the consumer, so that they can choose between the worlds proposed by each competitor.»


Whether in packaging, institutional material or in the digital world. Illustrations can be a great differentiating component that appeals to the audience and generates user acceptance. What if the characters from ‘Dumb ways to die’, for example.  Were born for a TV commercial and today have their own merchandising shop.   And a large amount of user-generated online content?


Tangible and intangible nature

“While tangible benefits are a must, intangible benefits are often the most important. The added symbolic value gives brands meaning beyond their practical characteristics.”


It is not surprising that many purely digital brands have resorted to this resource to make their proposals tangible. Such are the cases of Mailchimp , Slack , Shopify , Dropbox , Toggl , among many others. In the case of Mailchip, for example. They themselves explain «Our new style of illustration allows us to communicate. About complex tools and marketing practices in a simpler and more human way». In this way the company transmits. And somehow makes tangible, its devotion to craftsmanship, its love for creative expression and its obsession with quality.


Are illustrations the right resource for your brand?

We live surrounded by information and messages that invade us through all channels. Thus, every day it becomes more crucial for brands to break the monotony and generate impactful and memorable pieces of communication for consumers. The use of illustrations can be a great resource to implement to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. However, there is no solution that is ideal for everyone.


That is why, if you were interested in this article or you are thinking that perhaps your brand needs to explore other options in its communication, we invite you to write to us and we will find new

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