A streamer is a person who Belgium Phone Number List online content, such as a video game, on a platform of their choice, and who captures it using a computer and software. There are several streaming platforms, the best known of which are Twitch , owned by Amazon, and YouTube , owned by Google. Proof of the boom in the sector, Microsoft has also embarked on the streaming race this year by offering its own platform: Mixer . Twitch remains today the preferred platform for players from all over the world who broadcast their “lives” there, while YouTube serves mainly as a library of “best moments”. On these platforms, the streamer can therefore play, show the game to others and show himself in order to build and animate a “community” which will

follow his events and with whom he can socialize. To be a video game streamer, a few elements are enough. A console and / or a computer, the basic programs for recording and broadcasting videos, video games to show to the community, and of course, time to be able to produce the content. These streamers are paid for the content they offer and according to the audience they have on the different platforms. Take the example of Twitch where the streamer has 3 main remuneration channels: Advertising: Advertisements are shown before, during and after the broadcast of the content offered by the streamer, the latter receiving a small commission for each advertisement viewed by his community. Subscription: users can decide to

The Z Event, The Video Game Telethon

subscribe to a channel for a determined amount and thus benefit from advantages on the platform such as new communication tools or the total cessation of advertising. The Donation: Streamers can be paid donations during their broadcast, which can be in real money (€, $) or virtual currency (bits on Twitch). It is this last remuneration channel that I find very interesting, a channel that was the source of income representing millions of euros for a good cause during the Z Event. The Z Event, the video game Telethon The Z Event is a charity project created by Adrien “ZeratoR” Nougaret and Alexandre “Dach” Dachary.


The goal is to bring together several animators specializing in video game streaming on the internet for a marathon of more than 50 hours, in order to broadcast live content all together and to encourage spectators to mobilize to support a charity. The first edition of the event took place under the aegis of the Avengers collective from March 4 to 6, 2016 and raised more than € 170,000 for the NGO Save The Children. The second edition took place from September 8 to 11, 2017. Almost 60 consecutive hours of live music raised more than € 500,000 to support the Red Cross and the victims of Hurricane Irma. The third edition saw 40 streamers gather from November 9 to 11, 2018 to help raise € 1,094,731.34 for Médecins Sans Frontières.

For Its Fourth Edition, The Charity

For its fourth edition, the charity event taking place from September 20 to 23, 2019 for the benefit of the Institut Pasteur broke all records and became the charity stream that raised the most money in all history! A world record with € 3,509,878 raised in the space of a weekend, ahead of the very popular GuardianCon 2019 and its € 3,400,000 raised, a charity event bringing together American gamers organized by the streamer Lupo. A success that makes ZeratoR happy, who confided to Konbini’s microphone its objectives : ” Objectives ? I usually say that as soon as we make 1 € it’s won since it’s money that would not exist if we

had not made the event. But I know that the community is always in the ‘even more, even more’. Last year we made 1,100,000 euros, it’s a huge sum, and we should do the same thing. ” This unprecedented performance was even greeted by the President of the French Republic on Twitter. Gaming today aims to bring people together Far from the era of the 1990s-2000s when video game players were considered pimply geeks who never left their rooms and deprived of any social interaction (you will have understood that I am voluntarily forcing the line), gaming Today is intended to be an activity that brings together and

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