The objective of this article is to simply explain to you what a digital marketing agency can bring to a business whether in Réunion and elsewhere (because yes, there is little or no border!). And no, we are not digital “marabouts”… We must not believe that these agencies are just vast scams with risky investments of money without guarantee of success…

Point N ° 1: support
It should be understood that a web marketing agency, like Du Simple au Double, supports companies or brands. We do not impose a fixed solution, on the contrary we establish together a coherent strategy according to your desires, your current difficulties and the available resources. This is why, from the first meeting, it is important to take an overview of the company in order to fully understand the challenges of the business and the objectives to be achieved.

Point N ° 2: Visibility

One of the important factors when a business wants to have an online strategy is the production of content , it can range from simple blog post to video production to graphic design. Thanks to the appropriate tools and quality content provided by the agency, the company will gain visibility and credibility on the web. We must make a point of honor on this, because the content will allow you to show your expertise, to talk about your brand, and will therefore have the effect of reaching (new) potential qualified customers.

Point N ° 3: presence on social networks
Depending on the sector of activity, the webmarketing agency is able to direct a company to the right social platform and establish an effective (and relevant) editorial strategy . For example, a small local business based in downtown Saint-Pierre is surely not going to establish a presence on LinkedIn… A good agency must be proactive, but must always talk to the client in order to get feedback. and validation (it’s always good to have different opinions).

Point N ° 4: Continuous Monitoring

The advantage of the new management and analysis tools available to agencies is that it is possible to measure in real time the impact of actions carried out on the various digital media. The customer can also follow this data if the agency gives him access to it. Thanks to this notion of real time, it will be possible to correct an action if it turns out not to work very well. This is for example very relevant in the case of advertising on Facebook: observing the right metrics (cost per action, reach, etc.) and using the right targeting will allow you to anticipate possible strategic errors.

Point N ° 5: transparency
In any partnership, trust does not exclude control . Some agencies do not realize that putting an opaque veil between them and their clients can be a real brake on development and can harm human relations! For example, in order to highlight the work done internally, a digital marketing agency can provide access to the documents that correspond to them , such as for example the editorial schedule (in order to follow the work done, make comments or make changes and above all have a right to oversee advertising spending). This also applies to regular reports (document bringing together the various interesting statistics and analyzes of a given digital medium) orreal-time dashboards .

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