The use of social networks in 2019
True social phenomena, social networks will have enjoyed a successful 2019 overall. The advent of mobile uses is also no stranger to this. Honduras Email List , globally, nearly one in two people today use social media. And of those people, 97% access it from a mobile device. Building on this strong trend, discover the performance of the main social networks in 2019.

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Facebook, The Largest Social Network In The World

Facebook is arguably the largest social network in the world with nearly 2.45 billion monthly active users . In France, 46.9 million people consult their news feed every month. And every day, 28.1 million French people connect to Mark Zuckerberg’s network.

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Facebook has also understood how to monetize this incomparable audience, with a record turnover of 55.8 billion dollars at the end of the third quarter of 2019, for a profit of 22 billion. In 2020, the Menlo Park firm should maintain its performance. However, it will continue to face significant challenges, particularly with regard to moderation of published content.

Youtube, The Success Of The Video Format

YouTube ranks second in the global ranking of social networks with the most monthly active users. Two billion people use this dedicated video platform every month. This still represents more than a billion hours of videos watched daily on YouTube , proof that this content has been on the rise for several years. In France, YouTube has 45.3 million visits each month. It is also interesting to note that more than two thirds of the views are done on a smartphone.

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