The moon, exhibition at the Grand Palais, gives me the opportunity, once is not customary, to write a lighter note to enhance your holidays. Because it is the holidays for many, judging by the presence of many USA WhatsApp Number List in the capital. But innovation does not know rest and that is why I responded to the invitation of Flashtweet and IBM to visit the LA LUNE exhibition in preview on Tuesday, July 16.

Well I took it because I still learned some things about theinnovation Innovation ranges from understanding (intuitive or not) of buyer’s behavior to the ability to … We learn everywhere and everywhere. Innovation moon We walked on innovation with FlashtweetI had interviewed him on the blogs he had launched shortly before, and at the end of the program, asked him what he got from the “Blog Council”, an association that brought together large companies that used blogs and social media.

The Moon: An Intriguing Destination (For Me)

Flashtweet’s invitation intrigued me. I am not a fan of astronomy and I must admit that I am not very knowledgeable about things in space. But the moon is something else. These are also the films of Méliès , Fritz Lang (with the help of Werner Bon Braun whose sad memory we will not salute) and even the unspeakable Shadoks.

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We could have added Barjavel and his Pierrot de la Lune and Albert Giraud (and Schönberg) whose Pierrot Lunaire haunted my youth (and my parents who are not necessarily followers of twelve-tone music). But what is fabulous about the “conquest” (if at all) of the moon is that ultimately – when you watch those old movies and also the famous “we have Marlet he very notion of a B2B or B2C market is at the heart of the marketing approach. A market is the meeting … on the moon ”by Hergé from 1954 (!)


We Realize That Fiction Is Not That Far From Reality.

Or the no less legendary Omega chronograph which is still in very good condition and ultimately not very dissimilar from its modern copies. Last but not least, without forgetting the first IBM which was used to calculate the trajectories of Appolo and the “shadow figures” (or “hidden figures” in the English title which gives us a play on words), let us underline as Our hostess reminded us that the mission of Appolo XI was, among other exploits, the first real machine to machine communication. To say that in 2010 we thought that M2M was the invention of the century.

In 1969, that was 60 years ago, innovation then sounded, on the moon as on the earth, like a real adventure. It must be said that the observation of the gray star does not date from yesterday. This is what we saw during the exhibition, with this superb Galileo telescope (1610)

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