Traffic without further distribution Part of any effective content marketing strategy is a distribution strategy. You can’t just produce a few pieces of content, put them on a blog, and wait for page views to come. That just won’t work. When you opt for content marketing, you need to figure out how your content will reach the eyes and ears of your audience. Part of that may be SEO, another part of your distribution efforts may be social media. Or, if you’re offline, perhaps a vital part of your content distribution efforts may be emails? But not having a content distribution strategy won’t get you far with content marketing. Content marketing can take its time before you see big results.

This is the traffic graph for our former exploreB2B startup – you can see it started small and went big in the end. Content marketing can take its time before you see big results. This is the traffic graph for our former exploreB2B startup – you can see it started small and got big in the end. More web traffic took a long time to get. 12. Expect massive results from very few pieces of content I once talked to someone who worked at a web development agency. He told me they tried to market themselves through content and decided content marketing wasn’t for them because they didn’t get any new clients after publishing one (yes, just one) guest article in a niche online magazine.

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More web traffic and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Unfortunately, many common things to do just shouldn’t be so common! Expecting content marketing to work wonders in a very short time is a very common mistake that many marketers make. You won’t get much web Hong Kong phone number traffic by publishing a guest post; you will not generate massive amounts of SEO traffic on your first blog post. More web traffic takes some time to achieve! Content marketing is a strategy that is built for the long term, not for quick successes. However, it is a very powerful approach. Last words Now, did you like this list? Are you guilty of some of these mistakes yourself? What were the results, did you get more web traffic or did you drown?

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I know I made a lot of these myself when I first started online! And I had to face the results. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to shake off some of the mistakes I’ve made. But I can’t, so I hope this post prevents some of you from making the same mistakes I did at a different time and in a different place! 4 Steps to Choosing Content Formats for Your Audience: Getting It Right Published: 2016-06-20 The following is a guest post from Diana Beyer. Diana Beyer is an experienced, self-employed media expert who is passionate about writing. Its purpose is to share values ​​among stakeholders. She is always looking to discover new ways of personal and professional growth.

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My mom loved reading to me at bedtime. In fact, she probably read to me a lot longer than most other parents. It was just her “thing,” and it was important. I do remember when the big switch was made, though: from picture books to non-picture chapter books or maybe just a small one at first. The same thing was happening at school too. I wasn’t happy. I wanted those images to help explain the story. It wasn’t until many years later that I began to understand learning styles. People learn differently and engage with content differently. Before you read any further, we have several resources that show you exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads.

Feedly, or any other RSS/content subscription tool If you want to write a lot, you have to read a lot. This slogan, brazenly borrowed from Stephen King, should be written on a post-it note and pasted on the screen. But just reading is not enough for a blogger. You must follow what the blogosphere is doing in your niche. That means you should follow all active blogs that write about topics similar to yours. Especially when you’re starting out, you should read everything they write, on a daily basis! When you find another blog that you write that is active in your niche, you should subscribe to it. Not just on Facebook or Twitter. You need a content subscription tool that allows you to follow your content.

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