His is a guest post by Andrew of eCommerceFuel.com This is the story of how I stalked the author of this blog, convinced him to let me write regularly for Shopify, and generated thousands of visits to my site – all as a blogging newbie. What follows is a behind-the-scenes look at how to land high-profile guests for guest posting opportunities. I’m going to give you a step-by-step procedure, and show you all my secret tricks. Although my goal was to promote my new blog, the guest posting tactics discussed are an incredibly effective way to market any online business, including e-commerce sites. Prerequisites for guest posting Before you get started, it’s important that you have something of quality online to offer. This could be a blog, an e-commerce business, or a site for your consulting services.

It doesn’t have to be expansive, but it does have to be high-quality material that shows off your writing skills. I only had about five posts published when I started pursuing the opportunity on Shopify, but had spent up to eight hours on each one. If you Thailand Phone Number don’t have a history of creating content, you need to create it with quality work. Step 1: Identify high-profile blogging opportunities You want to identify blogging opportunities on sites that: 1. Target a specific audience you want to reach. 2. They have a lot of traffic and/or authority. If you are familiar with your market, a few opportunities should come to mind. If not, use sites like Technorati and to find popular blogs in your niche.

Though It’s Slower Than Sharing

If you’re not sure how popular it is or how much authority it has, you can use Alexa and Compete stats to determine approximate traffic levels. Shopify is a recognized leader in the eCommerce space and their blog was one that I had been following for a while, so it was an obvious opportunity that I wanted to follow. Step 2: Identify the target blog owner or publisher It’s my pleasure to introduce my target: Mark Hayes, Director of Public Relations and the man behind the Shopify blog. You may have noticed his name in the articles, but do you really know who he is? I didn’t know, so I set out to learn everything I could about him.

I did some research, followed him on Twitter , and began to uncover a portrait of a Canadian pinball fanatic who also writes for Urban Male magazine and is a fan of long, romantic walks along the Ottawa River. A Little bit weird? A little stalker? Maybe. But it is also very important to understand the person you are trying to connect with. The best web workers and marketers around the world are experts at connecting with people. You have to do it too! Step 3: Start promoting your content The best way to get the attention (tactfully) of high-profile bloggers is to share and promote their posts. If you are consistent in promoting and sharing their content, over time they will start to recognize your name. More importantly, they are likely to start banking some goodwill on the human law of reciprocity : the innate desire we feel to help those who help us.

Commenting Is More Effective at Building

In the course of promoting Mark’s Shopify posts, I’ve shared the posts on social media, left comments on the blog, and mentioned him on other places where he writes. Here’s what to do to get on a blog owner’s radar. A. Share the post on social networks Sharing the post via Facebook or Twitter is the easiest way to help but the least likely to get noticed. Some tips to keep in mind when sharing: Be sure to include the author’s name, not just the company name. This way, the author is more likely to notice your mention. Instead of just re-sharing the title as it is, add your own views or the title of the article. This shows that you really read it and took the time to write a custom title for your audience. Make sure there is a link to your site on your social media profile, this way the blogger can easily learn more about you if they do their research.

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