At the beginning of this Twitter launched Vine, and later in the middle. Instagram, one of the largest social networks for sharing images. Implemented the feature of being able to record and share videos. Not only did users start sharing their ideas through short videos. But brands also found creative ways to promote their products within the reach of a “play”. If the big brands are using these networks, you can also do it to attract future customers and thus turn your virtual store into a leader in your niche, so below I will give you some tips to be present in the most popular video social networks . Youtube It is a video hosting service that, due to its many changes and improvements, has become a social network where every virtual store must be present. It allows to share videos of long duration and in HD quality.

Its logistics are based on basic SEO, locating the videos through metadata, titles, descriptions and tags. Advice: Create short, clear titles and descriptions that perfectly describe what the video is about. By doing this you will be optimizing your Hong Kong Phone Number channel and it will be much easier for your video to appear when someone types a keyword related to your store. Personalize your channel. Modify the design of your channel and add identification images for both the avatar and the top image. In addition, in the image above you can add links to your other social networks and website, which will make it easier for users to find you on your other social networks. Thumbnail image.

in Which You Must Be Present

When you upload a video you can choose the thumbnail image that will be displayed in the playlists and which will give your visitors an idea of ​​what your video is about. This thumbnail will largely determine whether they decide to watch your video or not. Use the editing features . YouTube has built in tools to help you improve your videos in case the conditions you shot weren’t right, so use them. Correct movement, add notations and links to other products in your video, subtitles for your clients from other countries, etc. Tutorials. A great way to get the most out of YouTube is to create video tutorials or how-tos . They are a great way to show your customers how to use your product, or some procedure related to what you sell.

The best thing about YouTube is that you can promote your video on practically all other social networks, so share it on Facebook, Twitter or embed it in your posts using the embed code. Instagram and Vine Instagram and Vine have popularized the creation, use, and posting of short videos, but there are some differences between the two. Instagram allows you to create videos of up to 15 seconds and add filters to them (one of the most famous features) while Vine only allows videos of 6 seconds and does not include filters. When creating and sharing them on another social network, Vine only allows you to do so on Twitter and Facebook; while Instagram also gives the option to share on Tumblr and Foursquare, in addition to providing the opportunity to choose the cover image (thumbnail).

2022 Was the Year of Social Media

Instagram’s downside, and Vine’s opportunity to gain ground, is that videos can’t be embedded on other pages via embed code. Vine has cleverly developed this feature and made it possible for bloggers to embed the videos into their posts when citing brand examples like Shopify does in this post . Both Vine and Instagram, applied correctly, serve to promote brands and products. One of the most popular features of Instagram after its filters is the hashtags. Vine, which initially did not have this feature, included the hashtags months after its launch . Hashtags are an excellent way to categorize content, but despite this, they have lost strength due to the excessive use of users, who add hashtags that do not represent the content of the shared video or image, so it is said that very soon will stop being used completely. Advice: Use promotional techniques.

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