After GLOBAL GÂCHIS or MADE IN FRANCE, CANAL + continues its role of watchman and agitator of society. With this documentary by Dimitri Bahamas Email List written by Anne-Sophie Novel, the channel is interested in the collaborative economy – economy of sharing, “sharing” – in the process of revolutionizing the way we consume and consider the world.

Global Partage – Sharing, the solution for tomorrow?
During this documentary, Denis Grimblat the director stuck with Antonin Leonard, co-founder of the OuiShare collective, to walk us for 90 minutes on an enchanting panorama of the most exciting initiatives of the sharing economy. A refreshing, positive and inspiring documentary.

A One-week Walk In 90 Minutes To Build Another World!

Without jargon, this documentary has the merit of being well handled and very accessible to please both your grandparents and your grandchildren. Take off from Paris Tuileries to San Francisco “the Mecca” of ex-hippies, via Grenoble, Manchester, Barcelona and Rio.

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The trend is international. Cars, show, tools, knowledge, vegetables: everywhere, everything is shared. The doors of the makers and pioneers of this economy open to the viewer and make people want to believe in it and be part of it.

A Refreshing, Positive And Inspiring Documentary.

Closeness, complicity, empathy, it smacks of the emergence of human relationships that are smiling, joyful and full of diversity. Where the pleasure of being with people outweighs the financial aspect. Jeremy Rifkin predicted it: ownership gives way to the age of access . The relationship between producer and consumer, buyer and seller, artist and producer, entrepreneur and investors is turned upside down.

The current crisis and the omnipresence of social networks are the catalysts of this “new” economy which is revisiting the way we consume and view the world. Are the notions of consumer and property out of date? Eating well, traveling, finding funds to develop a business, and learning are no longer reserved for the elites… Local people are making a comeback. Make way for the “ prosumer ” and new riches!

One problem: this good energizing and optimistic moment, to better understand societal changes and invite us to the “share life” is only reserved for Canal subscribers only… Subscribers remember to share this “Replay” !

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